• Dear Oakland Teenagers who do not know other teens who are homeless,

    We are writing to you because we want you to know about children who do not have a home. Also, for you to have consideration and empathy for

  • Dear dayanara, I think your post was interesting because it is important that not every where peoples have homes. I agree with you because Oakland needs to do something for this peoples. Maybe if many people read your blog it will change their feelings and they will do more for Homeless.Thanks for writing and keep it up.

  • Why do you think that central american food is being cooked by white chefs more without them having any relationship with it? Based on the research, Oakland ethnic food is more and more being cooked by white

    • I understand what you are saying because I sometimes see people of other countries making completely different food. and it actually does tase different form those who are originally from that place. Your story is very interesting and I like how you shift from English to Spanish.

    • Fanny, I think you did a great job identifying an issue that isn’t talked about very much. It is important for people to realize that cuisine can be particular to a place and in a country like the US the perpetration of it can imply inaccuracy in process and result in discrediting of the “original” chefs or cooks. I appreciate the shift from English to Spanish in your articles, as it keeps it interesting and maintains the reader engaged.

    • Dear Fanny, I think your post was amazing because you clearly stated your opinion on this issue and I totally agree with you based on some things i’ve seen on my own. A line that stood out to me was “if the chefs are white people then the original chefs might start to be valued as less” because it clearly explains how maybe other people cook different and someone may dislike that food and think the same about everyones else way of cooking that certain food. I agree with you point because as I said i have had my own experiences and seen others too. Thanks for writing and keep up the good work!

  • I am surprised on your work, me gusta todo lo que le pusiste a tu box lo de tu cultura y como lo decoraste.

  • I am surprised for your work is so beautiful. My favorite thing is your photos.

  • This shadow box represents, my culture and myself. When people look at me, they see sometimes see me as Salvadoran or White. I put my flag from my country because, I’m proud to be natinx. I like so much the food

    • Hello Fanny, my name is Madison and I am a student at SJSU. What stuck out to me the most was the big lettered “MEMES” I had not yet clicked on the whole post but once I did read about the meaning of memes in your life it helped me understand and connect it with you. I can heavily relate to the part about how people look at you and only see one ethnicity and not both. I, myself am mixed with mexican and chinese but most people only assume that I am either chinese/caucasian or just caucasian. I really enjoyed reading how you are proud to be natinx and that you are proud of the cultural and your own heritage.

    • Hi Fanny!

      My name is Christine Manasan from San Jose State University. I really liked what you have said in your post, especially about the food! People do not realize how much food has an impact on someones life and culture. Culture is very important to you and I appreciate how you expressed that through your shadow box and post. Also, memes are great and I am glad we both enjoy looking at memes!

      Thanks 🙂

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