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    Themes of Long Division

    My Intro The following writing is made with the use of AI and incorporates words of mine, Faith Hauger. As AI becomes more and more popular, it’s important to learn how to utilize it as it is another tool we...

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    • Dear Faith,

      Your analysis on AI as a tale of trial and error is immaculately accurate. You seem to characterize AI as a slightly annoyed teenager who will deliberately place things that are detrimental to the work simply because you didn’t specify the instructions to an absolute point. This was a common occurrence through my experience with using AI and I’m glad I’m not the only person running into this!

      To further analyze more, you elaborate from this post that the AI-altered essay refers to you in your full name as opposed to the 1st person. It should be commonplace practice that analysis essays are to be written in the 1st person, but you have to be considering the fact that AI takes into account of everything. Since you don’t tell it to speak in first person it’s going to “take advantage” of your own carelessness despite you yourself knowing that essays SHOULD be written in the 1st person. This dynamic of AI brews a love-hate relationship out of me, loving and hating it at the same time. AI’s ability to do wonderful things but backhand you for not telling it the most simplest, or implied instructions.

      Nonetheless, I really think you should expand more upon your odd interest in AI. You have some key points that can really brought up to the engineers behind the programming of Youth Voice’s AI in order to forge it into something greater!

    • I really like your explanation of AI. I think it’s very intuitive and interesting. I like how you talk about how you would prefer writing your own essay and then using AI to add on revisions and such after you’re down because I feel the same way.

    • The introduction and epigraph sections provide a well-thought-out context for the analysis that follows. Your approach to using AI as a tool for your writing process is an interesting take and demonstrates your adaptability to new technologies. The analysis of the three themes—LaVander’s attitude towards City, Shalaya’s focus on the future, and City’s idolization of Shalaya—is insightful, showing a deep understanding of Kiese Laymon’s novel Long Division. There is room for improvement in the clarity and organization of your writing. It could be helpful to provide more specific examples from the text to support your analysis of the themes. Additionally, consider using transitions between your paragraphs and themes to create a smoother flow in your writing. Lastly, you may want to focus on LaVander’s speech patterns, as it is mentioned briefly but not fully explored in the analysis.Your conclusion does a great job of summarizing the themes and tying them back to the novel as a whole. It also effectively leaves the reader with questions to ponder as they continue to read the novel. Overall, your writing displays a genuine interest in the subject matter and an ability to think critically about the themes within the novel. Keep up the great work!

    • Faith- The image above gives me a great idea of your connection with the characters. The picture gives you an overall view of the book with infused with AI.

    • It’s fascinating to see how AI technology can assist in bringing together various thoughts and ideas to create a cohesive piece of writing.I also like how you highlight the importance of being specific with prompts and instructions to get the most out of AI technology. Although AI is becoming more popular and is the future, there is still a sense of discomfort when using it for essays, and some individuals prefer to use it for editing and revisions. However, as AI technology continues to develop and improve, it will undoubtedly become an invaluable tool in the world of writing and beyond.

    • While I enjoyed reading how you connected AI with Long Division. I enjoyed looking at your image and how it corresponded with your writing. I also love the fact that you included your opinion about AI, what you could have done to make AI understand your writing better, and how you also gave tips to future users of AI.

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    Faith H commented on the post, This is My Body

    I really loved your poem! I liked the line where you stated, “being skinny means you don’t eat,” because it’s part of a larger problem where you’re either too tall, too short, too this, or too that. People are always assuming things and judging. One question I have is, do you think men are viewed and judged the same way?

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    Faith H commented on the post, america on trial

    I completely agree with your stance and like how you incorporated personal connections, it really made the argument stronger. How do you think we move forward with this situation and attempt to resolve it?

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    Faith H commented on the post, Less Than Human

    I really like the picture with the fists in the sky. What are your thoughts on how gynecology practices have not been updated in such a long time? Especially considering where their practices originate from, it’s concerning that they’re still in use.

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