• Charles, I am satisfied with your post because you say that the NFL players that are kneeling during the national anthem, they are not trying to disrespect the military and I agree that their not. A lot of people think that they are fighting for their rights or perceiving it the wrong way but me personally I really know for what they are doing it…[Read more]

  • Hello Andrew, I am interested in your post because you say that sports can help youth in many different ways and it is good exercise for youth and I think that sports is a good way to have fun and do something great with our lives. I honestly agree with you with the interesting facts about how it helps youth stay happy and healthy. One thing that…[Read more]

  • Dear Sam,
    I am satisfied with your post because I like your predictions and your thoughts in technology that could possibly exist in the future. I am also interested in knowing what technology will exist in the future. It is great to get to know your ideas on self-driving cars and you gave me some great thoughts about the future. One thing that…[Read more]

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