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  • Hey Joshua
    I think the most telling and accurate part about this post is the survey asking people if the pandemic will last into 2021, because according to the definition of pandemic (prevalent over a whole country or the world.) you could say that we aren’t in a pandemic right now, or you could say we were already in a pandemic in 2019. The way…Read More

  • Hey Kaitlyn
    As much as this sucks, it makes me wonder if this is going to be how education is going to be for everyone in the not so distant future. As human history continues, and as the population continues to rise, more and more powerful viruses are going to threaten humanity, natural selection ensures that. So it might just be the case that…Read More

  • Interesting point about how eastern countries are doing so well at quarantining, but I would be interested to hear your opinion about how Taiwan (or Chinese Taipei) is excluded from the WHO, despite being one of the world leaders in their handling of the virus. In terms of Asian countries, I would say no one is doing better than them. Taiwan has 0…Read More

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    Hey max, I myself was a gullible kid that believed in the 2012 apocalypse once, but now we all have to realize that old doomsday predictions were fake. Ancient ideas about an end of times were based on myths and legends, with no way to verify them. Today however, we place all of our faith in science. As you correctly pointed out, science is…Read More

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