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    Aca y Allá

    Allá la escuela empieza desde febrero y termina en noviembre  y cuando  terminan en noviembre para poder  ir a vacaciones y compartir con la familia en diciembre y poder viajar  Acá la escuela empieza desde septiembre y termina en junio,...

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    • Dear Eylin,

      I am very pleased with your poem contrasting school in Bogota, Colombia and Brooklyn, NY  because I am always curious about what new students will expect from our school, depending on where they have arrived from.

      One line of your poem that stood out for me was when you described the sidewalks outside the school as “very crowded with students buying things like pizza or chicken…” I think this is vivid imagery because I always notice how different it is when the students take over the sidewalks of fancy neighborhoods like Park Slope.

      Your writing connects to my own experience. For me, I attended a school for two years where the campus was very beautiful and we would all sit outside for lunch, but we were still safe on the school grounds.  This is just like how you describe your school in Colombia.

      Thanks for your work on Youth Voices. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have had a very interesting life so far and I want to hear more about it!

      Ms. Bauso

    • Estimada Eylin,
      estoy satisfecho con tu poema que contrasta colombia y estados unidos por que allí no pueden salir a la hora del lunch no tienen permitido salir afuera aqui si pueden salir afuera almorzar lo que quieran alla no son muy comunes los deporte como aqui que tienen varios equipos y bonitos gym 
      Una línea de tu poema que se destacó para mí fue: Allí hay que llevar un uniforme específico, cada colegio tiene los mismos, el de jardinero, la sudadera, la camiseta de tirantes. Todos los colegios tienen diseños diferentes, si no tienes el uniforme tienes que tener una carta explicando porque y cuando te compran uno, para poder entrar al colegio con ropa normal.
      Es interesante por como son las gran diferencia de cada país la diferencia cultura y educación. Tu escritura se conecta con mi propia experiencia. Para mí  pues es muy parecido por que en RD la escuela también termina a finales de Noviembre y tenemos vacaciones en diciembre también algo parecido es que también se utilizan uniformes parecidos a los de Colombia. Gracias por tu trabajo en Youth Voices. Espero ver lo que escribas a continuación porque  quiero conocer mas de la vida en Colombia.

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    My name is Eylin Lucia Sanabria Gómez. Since before I was born my parents were looking for my name since they knew she was a girl. My mother decided to give me my first name because she had always...

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    Meet Eylin

    My name is Eylin and I am a very happy person. I am a little patient, and I am also a little shy when I meet new people. I like to share. I like to be with my family,...

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    • Dear Eylin
      I am inspired by your presentation “ Meet Eylin” because it must have been hard being away from your dad. I think it’s nice that your family is all reunited again. I hope you get to see the rest of your family soon. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: I want to learn EnglishI think this is important because I felt the same way not too long ago. I believe that your goals are important and you will meet them. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I want to know what inspired you to draw. I would also want to know how you are able to go to the beach so often.
      -Melissa Garcilazo

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