• Dear Sadla :

    I am deeply excited about your Sadler: King of Barfing
    ,” because… I am excited about this article because i love Sadler Smith a lot, i think his article is very intresting and exciting because the life of sadler smith is VERY intresting, i love how he puts in the slightest of details to make his article amazing

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  • My name is Russell Exum, I go to J.H. Rose High School, I am a competitive swimmer and I like to play other sports and I like to play video games. As a journalist I am a staff writer for the sports section of

    • Unreal headline! Sports doing it big!

    • I think your idea about interviewing someone quiet or antisocial is interesting. These people sometimes have really interesting aspects of their lives and are great for stories. If I were you I’d probably reach out to a few and become friends with them so they feel less uncomfortable when you ask for an interview.

      Also, dying’s pretty scary so I get that.

    • In my perspective I agree with interviewing the more quiet and “behind the scenes” type people. It will be a good chance for them to overcome their fear of speaking out and putting themselves out into the world. Every person no matter who or in what circumstance will have a sort of story to tell that can interest anyone. Good idea! here is another article that I think could be interesting for you related to this topic,

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