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Textbook Disparity in America

There seems to be a disparity amongst American history classes. Textbooks in America are writing different narratives for the same story.  A textbook in San Antonio, Texas was caught teaching from a textbook that highlighted the positive aspects of slavery. Parents complained to the school and the teacher was suspended for conducting the lesson. The superintendant of the school wrote […]

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A New Method of Hands-on Learning

Apple Seed had a problem with the current teaching methods in the urban setting of New York city. New York was requiring standardized testing for students. Teachers were focusing more on preparing students for testing than teaching science. On average, elementary schools were only devoting 40 minutes of class time to science instruction each week. Thus Apple Seed began. They […]

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Emma: Journalist for Bulldog Press

I am a senior at Judge Memorial. I was involved in sports from the advent of my high school career. Later on, I joined the environmental and interact club. I even participated in local and international service outside of school. And though I never joined any groups, I was always interested in photography. My mother is a personal photographer. Though […]

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A Step in the Right Direction for Mental Health

In light of this issue, a team of reporters sought to pinpoint several factors that contribute to poor mental health in the work field in an academic journal. The group aims to improve and harmonize the work field. Work stressors, such as psychological and organizational demands (e.g., work pace, time pressure, the complexity of work, and different tasks), are to […]

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workplace environments negatively impacting the mental health of employees

In the last decade, mental illness cases have been on the rise in every setting. With growing concern for mental health, workplaces are working to create healthier, safer, and productive policies for their employees. Medical professions, therapists, employers among other professionals have addressed the call to action and have discussed possible and efficient solutions. Enviable, mental illnesses will arise, but […]

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