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    I am very glad Utah reacted in a timely and professional manner compared to other states. It is great news that as a state we have a considerably low number of deaths. Governor Herbert was smart in prohibiting dining in, enforcing a curfew and keeping gathering under 10 people. Utah was lucky to have preventive existing conditions that has slowed…[Read more]

  • I loved your poem. I didn’t even considering the life-threatening impact climate change has on Penguins? I especially liked our description of the beautiful penguin in line 3. In all seriousness, I am terrified for every creature on this planet. for the next coming decades. It is the biggest issue in human history and it is not getting enough…[Read more]

  • Looking at the detrimental environmental impacts of animal farming and consumption is mind blowing. If eating meat was necessary for humanity’s health well being, I would be most tolerant to meat eaters. However the health benefits of a vegetarian diet is enough to change my mind. So why are people still eating meat? I wonder if it is a meat…[Read more]

  • There seems to be a disparity amongst American history classes. Textbooks in America are writing different narratives for the same story. 

    A textbook in San Antonio, Texas was caught teaching from a textbook

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    Wow. I am not surprised that this exists on the internet. As for the history of the bread people of reddit, it is hard to track or pinpoint viral jokes and trends. It is kinda scary how vast the internet is. I do have to question whether
    mass stapling of bread to parks and neighborhoods is a health benefit for the birds. I wonder what possible…[Read more]

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    It is an interesting question. In today’s climate, people are shying away from the traditional of success. Young people increasing jumped on social media outlets for money. Many kids have even dropped out of school to take on their new career. The decision isn’t stupid; they make a lot of money fairly quickly but it is not a stable source of…[Read more]

  • Apple Seed had a problem with the current teaching methods in the urban setting of New York city. New York was requiring standardized testing for students. Teachers were focusing more on preparing students for

  • Wow Kira great article. I love Oregon’s idea. I’m sure it was taken well by students and it sounds like teacher and parents must support it as well. It is great to hear that mental illnesses are increasingly addresses as if it were a broken bone because depression is a verified illness that effects millions. I also was surprised to hear the…[Read more]

  • I commend you for making an effort to understand the constant talkers and their viewpoints. I am a relatively quiet person and I don’t love making small talk. I love talking about things that actually matter. It is funny how something as little as background music can allow a person to focus or calm down. It blows me away the power music can have…[Read more]

  • Hi Cooper, I completely agree that general public should be have serious and progressive conversations about the major issues that are ripping our country apart even further. And may I add that we should be respectably listening to each others argument. To a certain extent, Mitchell is right that television loves to highlight politicians…[Read more]

  • Dear Olivia, I love how you introduced your interest in a specific theory involving comas then expanded it into a story idea. It would be a cool piece. I am also happy to hear that you are learning a lot in the short year and half of journaling. I’m curious what kinds of stories are you most interested in writing?

  • Melanie Elizabeth and Evelyn, you made a great argument and the issue as a whole is so incredibly interesting. I would love to learn more about the ethics rooted in the united states governments and justice system because ultimately we are debating a citizen’s right and as a nation we need to decide if breaking the law should strip you of…[Read more]

  • Dakota, I’m am interested in hearing your proposal for a revised dress code/uniform policy. Uniforms are a big issue in schools across America. I have talked to a wide variety of people on this issue mainly because going to a catholic school naturally directs the conversation towards uniforms in general. A surprising amount of people hold a…[Read more]

  • I am a senior at Judge Memorial. I was involved in sports from the advent of my high school career. Later on, I joined the environmental and interact club. I even participated in local and international service

    • Hi Emma,

      I’m interested in your story due to the fact that I also relate to it in many ways.

      I never considered myself a writer either, but as time went by I realized there’s so much I had to express, so I started writing and pouring my heart out and it has become my creative outlet to express myself and connect more with others. Writing has become like my journal, a space to express myself.

      Additionally, film its also a space for me to express myself. Film has a very special place in my heart I connect with it in so many ways and when I decide to do film. One day I want to be able to connect with others and display messages that I would like to put out there. Film is like giving a piece of your heart to the public in hopes for them to get the message and relate to it in their perspective. Many won’t understand but what matters is that we do.

      I look forward to more of your writing .

  • In light of this issue, a team of reporters sought to pinpoint several factors that contribute to poor mental health in the work field in an academic journal. The group aims to improve and harmonize the work

  • In the last decade, mental illness cases have been on the rise in every setting. With growing concern for mental health, workplaces are working to create healthier, safer, and productive policies for their

  • Tiffany, Your concluding sentence that very powerful. The rise in poor mental health is very concerning. In today’s society, it is not hard to see the impact social media has on impressionable teens. You bring up a great point; it is easier to talk down on someone online because the comment exists in an intangible world or in a fleeting snapchat.…[Read more]

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    Gryphon, awesome. I really loved how you addressed the North Pole. In my opinion you captured the the pole’s essence perfectly. I also liked the exigence behind your poem. You mentioned that you hoped other people would read the poem realize that we look after the North pole. I felt like you capture this when when you wrote about the North Pole’s…[Read more]

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    I love your how real and eloquent your writing is. I feel like I have fairly strong idea of who you are and what you value as an individual from your writing. And based on your honestly and fluidity of your writing piece, I can tell you have put many hours of hard work into polishing your skills in Journalism. At the end of the day…[Read more]

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