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America’s Current Genocide

Though not commonly known, abortion has been a common occurence throughout the span of time. For example, in the time of Jesus, it is stated in the Bible that if a woman had relations with a man before having married them, they would be stoned to death. In this situation, not only was the mother’s life at risk, but her […]

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Today’s School System Does Not Prepare Students for Life.

As an incoming freshman, everyone is told about how their high school has different programs for college preparation and career choices. While these options are definitely wonderful, high schoolers are often pressured to pick a specific program or area to pursue for the majority of their high school career. Following these programs that high schoolers are encouraged to partake in, […]

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The Strength of Words Through Music

In a time when so many hateful words are spread like wildfire, music seems like the only calm in the storm. People find solace in the comfort of music for many reasons: to improve their mood, to get away from the noisiness of life, for a sort of familiarity or nostalgia. The list goes on and on. Then there are […]

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Social Seesaw: When Women’s Rights Increase, Do Men’s Rights Decrease?

In today’s day and age, many might argue that when it comes to gender roles for both men and women, women are the ones that have it harder. However, this is not always true. Issues relating to female discrimination have been considered and attended to over the last century. It is true that if one looks back a hundred years […]

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