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  • I really enjoyed reading your article because I completely agree that in today’s day and age we tend to use simplified language and this can greatly affect our writing as well as people skills. I have noticed that many people of our generation would much rather text over their phones using slang, and I believe that this can also affect our s…Read More

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    The Strength of Words Through Music

    In a time when so many hateful words are spread like wildfire, music seems like the only calm in the storm. People find solace in the comfort of music for many reasons: to improve their mood, to get away...

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    • I really loved your blog post because it helps draw attention to how music speaks ideas and stories to us through the ability of language. I love how you selected songs that draw attention to yourself as well because it connect us to your view on things as well.

    • I really liked your blog post because it expressed how we can relate to music and that it comforts people during a time when hate is spread all around us. It is important for us to find that comfort in difficult times. You also mention that music can create unity among people and allow us to understand each person. When you say this, it emphasizes the fact that music brings people together no matter who you are and it unites us as one society.

    • Hi Evelyn,

      I really enjoyed this whole post about Music and the effect it has on people. As a person who enjoys listening to music and connects to it I highly agree. I made friends because of similar music taste and different ones as well. Music also helps me calm down in tough situations and makes me feel at peace and calm. so I really like how you also add the perspective of an artist as well.

    • Dear Evelyn, Im very interested in your post about music. Reason Im interested is because I’m fan of all music and seeing this article opened my mind even more for instance. When you said “At the end of the day, music is something that has touched the human race for centuries. It is something that brings people together, helps people to heal, and allows us to understand each other on a deeper level”. I agree with that music is something that can touch people’s hearts and bring people together.
      One sentence that stood out to me was “Some people might classify music as the closest thing to magic since no other form of words can cause us to feel the same way as music can. It possesses its own uniqueness and effect on the human race compared to books, talks, and such”. I think this is very true.Music affects our emotions. When we listen to sad songs, we tend to feel a decline in mood. When we listen to happy songs, we feel happier. Upbeat songs with energetic and fast-paced rhythms tend to make us excited and pumped up.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to you seeing what you write next.

  • When it comes to empathy, I think that this movie is the perfect example to get your point across. I like how you used stereotypical names for each of the characters to show the idea of a single story and how not everyone is what they may seem. Your point on how empathy helps improve people’s behavior toward others is thoroughly and well d…Read More

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    Social Seesaw: When Women’s Rights Increase, Do Men’s Rights Decrease?

    In today’s day and age, many might argue that when it comes to gender roles for both men and women, women are the ones that have it harder. However, this is not always true. Issues relating to female discrimination...

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    • Evelyn,
      I agree with your argument that the expectations men have to uphold are not in proportion to what is expected of women. I find your comment “we fail to consider what this issue might be like for men“ interesting because with the increase in feminists, many do tend to forget how the other end of the gender spectrum is effected. With regards to your comment about the emotional expectations of men, I found this Forbes article that dives deep into the definitions of masculinity In comparison to what society accepts from women (https://www.forbes.com/sites/shelleyzalis/2019/01/22/the-future-of-masculinity-overcoming-stereotypes/#7928aed51af3 ). The article makes a critical point that in the work place, men who cry are seen as less competent than women who cry because of such gender stereotypes. Thank you for taking the time to write on such an important topic, an overall great job and I look forward to future posts!

    • Evelyn,
      I really enjoyed your article on the back and forth that is gender roles and stereotypes. I found your comment, “the stereotype for men should be taken into consideration as well,” very intriguing because in today’s world, many feminists fail to recognize both genders in their argument for equality. I can say for myself that I can get caught up in empowering women and focus less on male equality consequentially. Thank you for writing this very interesting article. I think more people need to read it!

  • I like the way your article flowed from one topic/citation to the next. This is a topic that is widely joked about by kids of our generation, however I think your well written article makes quite a few good points on something that is rarely spoken about from our generation. Your use of citations contradicting your argument was intriguing and…Read More



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