• EvelynZ
  • Paige,
    I really respect and appreciate your decision to write on such an attacked and frowned upon topic in our world today. Not only was the topic well chosen, but your word choice was as well. The evidence that you added was a strong addition to the point that you were trying to get across. I would really enjoy reading a longer and more…Read More

  • Evelyn wrote a new post

    America’s Current Genocide

    Though not commonly known, abortion has been a common occurence throughout the span of time. For example, in the time of Jesus, it is stated in the Bible that if a woman had relations with a man before having...

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  • Julia,
    I found your article very informational and intriguing. It was really interesting to read and understand how the brain allows one to lucid dream and the different areas of the brain that are needed to do this specific kind of dreaming. I think if you explained how to lucid dream or what it allows someone to dream about as well as how the…Read More

  • First off I think your writing sounded very sophisticated and well thought out throughout the entire article. And secondly, I like the way you talked about how drastically the world has changed and struggled throughout the pandemic. All of the things you wrote on are very true considering that America as a country witnesses these issues each and…Read More

  • Evelyn wrote a new post

    Today's School System Does Not Prepare Students for Life.

    As an incoming freshman, everyone is told about how their high school has different programs for college preparation and career choices. While these options are definitely wonderful, high schoolers are often pressured to pick a specific program or area...

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    • Evelyn,
      I could not agree more with your post. I love how you took information from a credible site to prove that schools truly are not preparing students well enough in the financial aspect of life. I agree that if more classes were offered to teach and inform students in more real life experiences, then students going to college would be able to make better financial decisions. I also like how you pointed out that life goes beyond the academic classes and that classes that teach through real world scenarios. This way students are more prepared for college life and living on their own.
      Good Job!!!

    • Evelyn,

      I absolutely love your post. It explains main issues with how school don’t focus on the business aspect of preparing for college. Schools need to evolve more and keep up to date with the society today. Good job!

    • Evelyn,
      I really loved your post, especially because it was about something that every student can relate to. I agree that preparation for college and life in general is a very important aspect that most schools don’t incorporate into their teaching. Your point about financial skills as well as life skills being essential to succeeding in a career after college is very well written and researched. I appreciate your use of credible sources and think that having these sources makes the post more impactful. Life is more than just academics and students need to be better prepared for the obstacles that come with living on their own for the first time.

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