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    Dear Kalani,
    I am happy about your shadow box and paragraph, “This is me” because you show your hard work on both of theses and really stand out! I really like how you put baby pictures and some family members. One part of your paragraph that stands out to me is where you talk about how hard you work to have an education. I think this is exc…[Read more]

  • This shadow box represents my counter narratives which are my point of view of my own world, also my dominant narrative which is the point of view of society. When the people look at me, they see that I am

    • Thank you for sharing Evelin. I completely agree with the idea that there are many false stereotypes that are running rampant in today’s political climate. I wonder what you have planned for your future, and how you plan to achieve your goals?

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    Dear Jennifer,
    I am feeling really connected with your writing, “Jennifer shadow box” because even if I’m not Salvadorian, I get affected too just by being Hispanic. Now that I see that I’m not the only one makes me feel connected towards others. One part of your writing that stands out for me is where you talked about being born here but peo…[Read more]

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