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Utilizing Genetically-Informed Research Designs to Better Understand Family Processes and Child Development: Implications for Adoption and Foster Care Focused Interventions

While pondering the question of Nature or Nurture, I wanted to apply it to a real world situation. The situation that the study of epigenetics and an ever-changing environment applies to is the foster care system. Observing the foster care system we can understand what conditions it is that influences behaviors that are developed over time. Adoption and twin studies […]

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Ask An Expert

Dr. Brenda Shook is an associate professor of psychology at National University. She explains that the question isn’t “nature or nurture?” but rather “to what extent is a particular behavior genetic or learned?” She dives into epigenetics: the study of how a particular environment can affect the way your genes work. By continuing to study and understand epigenetics, we can […]

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Nature vs. Nurture Debate Continues

Though scientists don’t advocate for either nature or nurture, there are optimal methods in both that develop personality positively. As seen in a twin study, there can be separation at birth, but their genetics tell them that they are ‘twins’. When meeting their other twin they feel closer to them than anyone in their life. Genetics can influence development as […]

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Nature vs. Nurture

Both factors work with each other; search for the most viable way to develop someone’s actions regarding their situation. There is no real right answer, only theories and opinions. In my opinion, I believe the way that someone is brought up is the most significant factor when shaping character.  How does someone’s genes change the way they see their environment? […]

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The Autobiography of Malcolm X

“The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” as told to Alex Haley. This book grabbed my attention after witnessing multiple civil rights activists carrying out protests. My father heavily recommended the book, he also provided me with the book. After only reading a few pages, my goal looked to be completed: gaining more insight about the societal relations between races before, after […]

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Are People Happier at a Desk Job or Labor Job?

People who worked at either a desk job or non-desk job reported the same amount of happiness in their respective roles. 76% of the 2,000 people surveyed said they were happy doing their roles, but workers on desk jobs were more likely to complain about their work environment. Desk jobs create an environment where people feel more connected to their […]

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