What does it mean to be American? Do you even know what an american is? Is it a person full with hatred because someone looks different? Or is somebody who is open to a door of opportunities ? Well I believe

    • Ethan,
      This is an interesting perspective on what it means to be an American. I think that maybe what’s happened is that what it means to be an American has morphed, but that fundamentally, to the core our values are still similar, just the way we’ve presented them have changed. Women and people of color are still discriminated against, just in less obvious ways in some cases. For example the wage gap between men and women and the stereotypes still held on African American people. However, much like in the past America is still a place of opportunity. Though this may change, for a long time The USA was, for the most part a Refugee tolerating and welcoming Country, which is a huge opportunity for people who are trying to flee hatred and violence.
      I found this article that you can look at if you’re interested, it is a little long but picking out information isn’t terribly hard. It’s about wrongful arrests in the United States and the correlation to race. http://www.law.umich.edu/special/exoneration/Documents/Race_and_Wrongful_Convictions.pdf#
      This was a really interesting post to read, I’m interested to hear what you have to say next.

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      Ethan, great idea of a post. I have to say gaining a citizenship in the U.S. is difficult process because we want to avoid terrorist infiltrating American land, I support the process, even though immigrants may be fleeing there country we cannot be naive. A suggestion for your writing is that, you should be more elaborate on your “freedom definition” you vaguely talk about one subject, there is so much more to being a American. Also cite sources next time because I don’t know where you are getting some of your information from. I wish you good future in your writing process !

    • Ethan,
      I enjoyed reading your post about the changing view on what an American is. I agree with the fact that it has morphed into this idea that we are just hiding what we really have to say as Americans. One thing that resonated with me from your post was when you explained how those who came to the US illegally have a different view on America. It seems to me that we used to be known as the land of the free, a land of opportunity. Now we have morphed into this place where yes, one is able to fulfill their dreams, but at a price. There are many restrictions that have been put into place that won’t allow those who have come here for a better life to really enjoy what they are looking for. I find it incredibly sad that our reputation as the greatest country has completely changed, and it is disappointing to look around and see the issues that are arising today. I enjoyed your post, as it sparked a lot of interest in me.

  • Dear Camryn,

    I completely agree with most of your statements and points. I felt some type of hope when I was reading your short post because it shows that there people out there that want to find everyone’s American dream. This gives me hope because that means America as a whole can help each other and grow whole. Through such things as helping…[Read more]

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