• The Importance of Cell Phone Addiction

    By: Ethan Barmettler


        Cell Phones are the foundation of human society, we communicate with them, we search the web with them, and we post selfies with them.  Let me a

    • I really liked this.

    • these numbers are so amazingly shocking. i never thought that teens would be on there phone so much.

    • Thank you for writing this very informational piece! I did not realize how many negative effects there are to using your phone. I think it is important that people, especially our age, cut back on phone use for our health

    • Wow I learned a lot by reading this post. Although our cell phones can be very useful in helping us complete tasks more quickly and efficiently, they can be a huge distraction from the things that are truly important in life and they can also be very unhealthy, taking away from the time that should be spent sleeping.

    • Dear Ethan,
      I agree with you that cell phones can be a huge distraction. I can relate to this because I use my phone a lot and it ends up being a huge distraction because most of the day I’m on my phone and not outside doing something else. I agree with you that cell phones distract us from learning more and going outside. But, then you do learn quite a bit on cell phones because you can search up information. But, overall I think most of the time we are really obsessed with cell phones because if we were to not use our cell phones then we would be bored and not do anything.

    • Hey Ethan!

      Your piece was so informative and eye opening; I had no idea we spend more time on our phones than asleep in our beds! Like so many others before me, I too have noticed my own addiction to my phone. Earlier this year, I lost my phone for about 2 weeks, and during that time I had no way to check social media, aimlessly scroll through my camera roll, or go on Youtube. The amount of free time I had during those two weeks was crazy, and even though I was extremely relieved I found my phone, a little part of me wished I hadn’t found it.


    • Dear Ethan, your article provides a lot of support for an argument that many take for face value, without any research. Teenagers, including myself, rely on our phones often as an escape. However, more commonly, it’s because we believe there is nothing better to do. True, we could interact socially, or invest in our intellect. However, nothing is more convenient than having the world crammed into a compact computer that fits very comfortably in our hands. We could do anything we would want to do without more than a few thumb taps. I’m not making excuses. Yes, this is a problem, but I’m trying to stay optimistic. I hope that as the I-generation matures, we will become less reliant on our devices.

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