• There are three things that Americans value most, justice, equality, and freedom. Americans are greatly influenced by their constitutions amendments. They are considered to be what gives them the freedoms they

    • Ethan,

      This was very interesting and extremely well written. its interesting how you linked the values directly to the Constitution! Its clear that you thought out this before writing it, and put much time, effort, and thought into your ideas and writing. Heres a link that may help you further your research. https://usahello.org/resources/american-values/ .

      Cant wait to see what you write next!

  • I really like your post. I agree with most of the points you’ve brought up, especially your final one. I look at this issue and just see prohibition in the 1920’s all over again. In prohibition alcohol was banned completely, but people wouldn’t stop. Since the selling of alcohol was illegal people made it themselves. This made it more dange…[Read more]

  • To be an American is to live in America and embrace it. To be an American is to have the basic freedoms of man given to you at birth and never denied them. Freedom is the most important word in American culture.

    • Hello Ethan,

      I like how your essay talked about American values throughout the years, from the start of this country to more recent times. One sentence that stood out to me was: “Everyone is equal, though some may not believe in that, that is what this country was built on.” I believe that Americans are as equal as they can be right now, but it is debatable that this country was built on that concept. Sure, Thomas Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal”, but enslaved more than 600 people and personally profited from it (Monticello). It is also known that other founding fathers turned a blind eye to the slave trade in their home states. About 100 years later, we had to fight a very destructive war to straighten out this issue.

      Do you think that the founding fathers truly meant “all men are created equal”, or do you think they just put in in the constitution for later generations to decide? Do you think the founding fathers just added it to the constitution to express their differences from Britain and add legitimacy to the new government?
      Your bold statement on the values of Americans really resonated with me, and I enjoyed reading your paper. Good work!

      “Jefferson’s Attitudes Toward Slavery.” Monticello, http://www.monticello.org/thomas-jefferson/jefferson-slavery/jefferson-s-attitudes-toward-slavery/.

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