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    Dear Yaqui,
    This is a very deep story and I thank you for sharing it I think it was brave of you for sharing it. The graphic weight of the comic really stood out to me because of the dark coloring in the background that you added. I think this piece would really connect with a lot of young people that have lost someone that they love.

  • Hey Stephanie,
    I really like the vulnerability in this piece. I love how you describe the setting and the emotion because I can really picture the moment in time this is happening. For example in the line ” I promise to love you Gael” has a lot of depth and raw emotion to it because of the way you described things at first. I also connect with…[Read more]

  • I was not born in the United States. When my mother told me that I was going to come here and be with my family I was super excited. I have gone six months without seeing them and it was truly killing me from the

    • Hey Fany,

      I really liked your piece because I feel like its something you don’t really share about yourself. But, I also know that it is a big part of who you are and your identity. I like that you focus so much on your family but, this also has to do with where you identify. I wish you would have talked more about the difference of you living here and when you go back over there. I know its important for you, as well as myself that’s why I found your peice so touching because even if I was born here I feel at home in Mexico and for you it might be similar.

      Thank you for sharing this.


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    Dear Octavio, This poem showed a side of you, you usually would not see. I think this is a very deep poem. I like the line, “The feeling of someone important in your life passing away is like a bullet to the brain” I like this line because, I can really relate to it.

  • Hey Chata, I really liked your comic. I can really relate to the part where you question the friendship you had with this person. I think this advice that your grandma gave you can be very useful to a lot of teens who are stuck in an abusive relationship/friendship. Thanks for sharing such a vulnerable piece.

    • Dear Esthefany,
      I really like how you’re really about your family like everyone else should be. I also like how you showed graphic weight on one of your panels as well. Everyone has different traditions and Im glad you shared yours to us so we can know how you celebrate. Good Job!

    • Hey Esthefany,

      I was really entertained by your comic because of how you expressed the importance of family. This stood out to me because I can relate to it and the way our families celebrate and spend time together is similar. I also noticed that my family does the grape thing too where youre supposed to have 12 wished. I liked the vibe on your back page. The graphic weight is very obivous and it just feels like it would be such a good time hang out and start the year with your family who you love.


    • Hey Esthefany,
      I like how you write about one tradition you have and enjoy with your family. I have some too, but sometimes I feel we are slowly loosing them, I hope you hold onto yours. Family and the traditions we do, are important and what makes them unique and fun. they bring joy and everyone together which is cool. Family is everything.

  • hey Jose,
    I like how you yourself know that you are stubborn. I like how you said ” I do not want to agree with others” I can really connect to this because for me it is either the my way or the highway. I would get it if people saw this a you being difficult but I would see this as being strong. I do not think that being stubborn is a bad thing…[Read more]

  • Dear Kevin,
    I am glad that you are laidback and do not let the fake people get to you. Where it says “Myself and my mentality is what matters” really resonated to me because I agree with you that’s exactly how it has to be . So yea do ya thang kid.

  • I am wild as hell

    I like letting go

    Being stress free

    I dislike uptight people

    I hate being uptight


    I am wild because school restricts me

    From being who I am

    From who I️ want to be

    • Hi Esthefany,
      I really liked that this piece describes who you really are. I also believe that being wild is good and I’m glad you know you are wild because you feel like its fun. Also I liked that you do not let school and all the stress stop you from being you. Good job, I think its well written.

    • Dear Esthefany
      I am impressed with your work which is really amazing. A line that stood out to me was “No time to be locked down with morals you do not believe in.” I think this was a cool line because many people do or don’t do things because they are locked down like you said in things they don’t believe in but still follow it. I think it’s cool that you don’t follow morals that you don’t believe in, you follow what makes you happy and that’s amazing because not many people can do that.

    • Dear Esthefany
      You really described yourself on this poem and I know because I’ve known you for a while already. I like the way you wrote this with good details and good organization. Good Job

  • Hey Chata, I really like your story because it truly reflect on the type of person your are. I a really appreciate the fact that you added both English and Spanish in your piece. I do agree that Chata brings the fun and adventurous side out of you.

  • Hi Rodrigo, I really admire the act that you mention your dad and how you look up yo him. I really liked your memoir because you refer as yourself in a very positive way.

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    I am Esthefany Navil Frazier Marte. Emphasis on the Marte. The word ‘Marte’ means Mars in spanish. We are the strongest fami

    • Dear Esthefany,

      Something that stood out to me was how your family are the strongest when you guys are together. My favorite line from your memoir was when you explained how the pride in your family name was huge its good to know you guys have a really strong bond as a family.

    • Hi Fany,
      I really liked your piece because of how proud you are of where you came from. I can tell you love your family. I also liked that you are able to say who you are and not afraid of saying your loud, loving, etc. I love your piece!

    • Dear Estephany,
      I really like your post “ Reflecting on My Name” I like the words that you have added, makes it sound more strong and have good similes. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “ We are fighters. We have each other’s back. Our family before anything and anyone. The the name I carry defines who I am and I would not want to change on bit of it. I like to embrace it and show it off. The name makes me stand out. I am loud, dramatic a fighter, I Love , And I laugh. I am who I am because I was raised around those omnipotent people. They taught me to respect and value. So, I can later show the generations after me to respect and value the family name”. I like this quote because you talk about your family of how family is first than anything and that’s true also how you like your name and wouldn’t change it thats really nice. There’s a lot of connections between your family and mines; how our families are loud, all together, respect, dramatic, fighters,etc. I enjoyed reading your post, it was so good you have a nice name! Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next.

    • something that I liked about this post is that is that you went into detail with your name. You said what it means and how you talked about you family. Something that you can change is about the teenager attitudes. other than that this is a really good report and I Liked it.

  • Hey Meless, I really enjoyed your poem. I felt as like I was right there. You did a good job making it so the readers can really visualize what was going on. For example when you described the grass i felt as though I can see it

  • Hey Cicely, I really like your post because it is a huge eye opener. I agree with you about the fact that mental health should be talked about me so people can be open to asking for help.

  • Hey Leslie,
    Thanks for sharing such a cool shadow box. From reading this I really learned a lot of new things about you for example that you really like bags and painting your nails. I didn’t notice that you are always wearing earrings. I hope that you share more with advisory so we can be able to know you better.

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