• Under the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human rights are inherent to all human beings. These human rights include rights such as the right to liberty, life, freedom of expression, the right to

    • Dear Eric,
      I enjoyed reading your post, “Underlying Issues of the US Healthcare System” because I too believe that this is an issue in the United States. All people should have free healthcare. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “some plans are so expensive that people cannot afford healthcare, and go under extreme economic strain when a health issue comes up.” I think this is sad because it should not be a financial sacrifice to go to the doctor. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because these are real world problems that need solutions. More awareness needs to be brought up on these topics.
      Maria Hernandez

    • Hi Eric,
      I like your artic about how is the healthcare system in America and what is the problem about the system. It is great to know that the healthcare system program is too expansive that people can’t afford it. I feel like people should respect doctors, but doctors and hospitals should not help their patients based on economic. Thank you for your information.
      Cindy Huang

  • I agree with everything you have said, Gideon. I believe vocational training is essential in increasing the quality of life for blue-collar workers.

  • I agree with everything stated. It is imperative to have the younger generations educated in climate sciences and generating solutions since these generations are the ones that will have to deal with the issue and the consequences of climate change.

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    I agree with what is stated. It is too easy for underage individuals to obtain concealable vaping devices, making it very easy to make our generation addicted.

  • Overview/Who is involved

    Since 2015, a civil war has been occuring in the middle eastern country of Yemen. After the Arab Spring of 2010 took dictators throughout the Middle East out of power, Yemenis wanted

  • Article 1ClaimHouse Democrats should not impeach TrumpEvidence/justificationsImpeachment does not include or lead to removal from office (Nixon and Clinton).Mike Pence would succeed Trump if Trump is removed,

    • Hey Eric,
      You did a great job sourcing your information and summarizing the main points of the article, it made it easy to understand and create an opinion. I also agree with you, if Trump broke the law something needs to be done about it. We shouldn’t allow people to sweep it under the rug and forget about it. No one is above the law. Try putting all the information into 2 coherent paragraphs to make it more easy to read.

  • It is very important that information about these hurricanes is spread. With climate change, there has been an increase in frequency and intensity of hurricanes hitting the Caribbean and the US, meaning action needs to be taken to help decrease the impact of these natural…[Read more]

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    I find this to be very informative! It is significant that there has been no restrictions on the selling of cigarettes even though they kill far more people per year while vapes are most likely to be completely banned, except for one flavor (while cigarettes can still sell in multiple flavors).

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