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Actually, being a Star, I would call my parents and go home to lock myself in the room and start crying in silence.

So they went to school and now in first period they are going to protest Khalil's death.

I like what you say because Maverick wants to protect the community and the store because he was in prison and couldn't do anything when he was in there. It's really good that he wants to defend the community because.

Well, drugs go as far as you don't want them to be because there is always a problem where I lived in PR near my house there was a point and there were always problems there every day.

That is always going to happen because the police officers who are really saving are really racist. I hope that in the year 2021 this is much better because if the country continues as it is, we will be worse when 2021 arrives.

You are going to have people watching your back because your father is the largest drug trafficker in the world and when your father is killed you are going to have to look like your father being a drug dealer.

When you don't have opportunities to move forward, you have to make not-so-good decisions in order to achieve what you want.

I think Starr is feeling guilty because he thinks he is betraying his black community by being with Chris who is from the white community

The mother is trying to protect her children and also the children in the park where all the children are because she does not know if something could happen to them because they are playing basketball.

Well that is not a bad thing to look at but I would not look at it even if it was nice because it is a bargain and then if you fall in love it is bad because something bad can happen to you like what happened to me for falling in love with one of the gang

It was happening almost the same thing that happened with George Floyd because because of what the officer did to him, if he did not do anything wrong, because from what I think it is because the officer was racist.

That is the worst way to find out that you will not see justice for Khalil because they did not find any reason to arrest the officer, that is really sad.

Knowing that the one who made you feel butterflies in your stomach for the first time and seeing him save in a coffin is very bad because you will never see him again that is too painful and sad.

Jesus can't do anything. It's not his fault that the cop there wanted to kill Khalil if he wasn't doing anything.

I think that shirts can also be used in the Church even if Rip Khalil says that there is nothing wrong with it, well that's my thinking.

For her father it is a betrayal because she has not told him that she has a white boyfriend and also if Star loves Chris because she has to tell her father and the father is supposed to accept it if he loves his daughter.

Now she wants to solve it but she doesn't know if she wants to continue with Chris it will be because she feels guilty for Khalil's death.

She does not know what remains to be investigated there is still much to investigate because she has to search for more witnesses. And if Khalil was dealing with drugs or not or if he was at a bargain and they have to investigate everything.

Really shocked me because it really happened to me once and it really is very ugly

If you look the person in the eye saying something that happened in real life they will believe you but if you do not look them in the eye they will not believe you because sometimes it happened to me too.

I would not be at all concentrated with all those policemen and the only thing that I see them are only the pistols. I would not feel comfortable.

It's hard to know that you won't be able to see your son anymore. I would never want to imagine it in my life.

So the fight they had was over to the pop stars,I thought they were arguing something else.

the best thing to have your best friend again after all you've been through having your friend and stealing some sweets is the best.

I do the same thing.Sometimes I like to combine the tennis with the backpack or at least I like to put on the tennis and combine them with my jackets.

I remember once I went to a barracks and all the policemen were looking at me and I did not like it, I felt ashamed and wanted to go from there but I had a problem with some girls and that's why I had to be there.

Once it happened to me the first time I was going to ride a bike, I fell and broke my knees and one of my two elbows.

I imagine the cops don't want to do Khalil justice for just being black. Because they do not do justice to them until after long time they even spend years to do justice.

So the father was not when she went to school for the first time that is difficult but the most difficult thing is that he is not on any of your birthday

So the father was not when she went to school for the first time that is difficult but the most difficult thing is that he is not on any of your birthday.

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