• Dear Yamilex,
    I am ecstatic by your shadow box because you talk about your family a lot and how much you love them and i think some people don’t notice or thank their family a lot and to see someone do that is touching to the heart. Also because the way you state your words is loving and truthful. One part that stood out to me was when you…[Read more]

  • Who’s Wrong?

    By: Esmeralda Pena

    This Shadow Box represents who I truly am and what society thinks of me. The objects inside of the box are my counter narratives, the ones on the outside are dominant n

    • Hi Esmeralda,
      I am Maggie, currently studying at San Jose state university. First of all you did an amazing job on your shadow box. I think your description of your box was detailed and you explained everything very well. I totally agree with you that we should all outlive the stereotypes that’s surrounding us and just be ourselves. I love that you are proud of your own ethnicity because simply I am very proud of my own ethnicity and culture too.

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