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    • Hello Esme, Thanking for sharing your comic. I really like your art skills. My favorite panel was the 5th panel because you put graphic wieght into it and surrounded your baby nephew with a dark background. I also really like the special effect letters in cursive. Thank you for sharing and hope to see more drawings from you on youth voices.

    • Dear Esme,
      I love this comic of yours. Writing about someone that brings you joy is wonderful. I hope to be that happy as you sound when I become an aunt. also, looking at his real photo, he’s such a handsome young boy!

    • Dear Esme,
      This comic is very creative. I love your simple yet interesting drawings. Thanks for sharing this story through pictures. Hope to see more comics from you.

    • Dear Esme,
      Your comic is so nice! You have some really dope art skills and your cursive writing is really nice. I really like the baby shower panel, because you drew all the baby things so cute! The last panel is really dope too & it showed a lot of graphic weight. I can relate on your comic, because I felt the same with my nephew.

  • Hello fellow classmate, I love how you wrote about your identity and how high school has changed you and the people around. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me was when you said,”I am more broken than ever before, But I know deep inside, I have to be stronger than this.” This sentence shows you are a strong young women and even though…[Read more]

  • Esmeralda Ortiz-Munoz


    It was July 4th, of 2016

    Enjoying the fireworks with my family before leaving


    Where the stars shined their brightness over us like every night

    But this ni

    • Hey Esme,
      I really enjoyed this memoir poem that you created about a trip you took. I’m truly sorry and sad that you had to go through with such an amazing time, but then it was somehow made bad, because of one person and their actions towards you. Sometimes people have a strong effect on the world around us. I am however glad that you chose to be an optimistic person and went through with your trip anyway. It’s good to go through with many things optimistic, because pessimism can bring you down, and ruin more than it needs to.
      I also hope you do get a chance to go back to mexico! It’s so beautiful there. No one person should have that much affect on you and if you see them, don’t let them get to you. Be the bigger person and live on with the way you want to!

    • Dear Esme,

      I liked your poem because at first it was all joy and excitement. I liked how you showed that not everything is always positive and results in the way we would of wanted to. I can relate to you in having a negative relationship with my dad’s family. Unlike you, loosing one tia, I lost the whole family including uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. We shouldn’t let that bother us like you mentioned because they’re far from us and if we never lived with them, then there wasn’t really a close relationship that got destroyed.

      Thanks for writing!

  • Thank you Jovana for sharing with us why are you ambitious. I liked how your worded your poem and how you expressed what you really feel.I agree with what you said that you have to work hard for what you want and through this poem I now understand why are you so ambitious.

  • Thank you Lily for expressing how you feel about being kind through this poem. I agree with what you said about how being kind can make someone else’s day,a single act of kindness. It’s really important for people to be kind like you.I hope that there are many more people in this world who think and act the same way as you.

  • Why I’m Helpful as Hell


    Growing up, I was always told by my parents,

    “si tienes la oportunidad de ayudar a alguien, ayudales,

    no sabes si el dia de manana ocuparas de su ayuda.”

    I took in action

    • Thank you Esme for sharing your poem and explaining why your helpful as hell, I think its really nice that you have followed and taken your parents advice to be helpful and I agree with you I believe its really important to help others because you can also need of someone elses is help in the future.

    • Dear Esme,
      Thank you for writing this poem about you being helpful as hell. I like that you took your parents advice and applied it to your life. I enjoyed the way you wrote, “One day you can have it all,the other, you can have nothing.Life is about supporting and helping each other.Is not a competition, were all in this together.” I think what you said is very true. You never know what life throws at you which is why is good to helpful. I liked how you wrote that life is about helping and supporting each other and not a competition. I agree with you because we shouldn’t be competing about who’s more successful or has better things. It’s about helping each other out in time of needs. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think what you wrote is very important and people should take your advice and also your parents. I know that I will.

    • Dear Esme,
      I’m grateful for your post “why am i helpful as hell” because it’s a good thing that you help and its grateful for the people your also helping. It gives them an opportunity so they can trust you and give you something in return. A sentence that really stood out to me was “ Growing up, I was always told by my parents,“si tienes la oportunidad de ayudar a alguien, ayudarles,no sabes si el dia de mañana ocupará de su ayuda.”I took in action the words of my parents and followed their steps.Which I’m really grateful I did and still do”. This stood out to me because i can also use this for myself and take myself to take better steps and i can also tell other people as well so they can also be courageous to other people by helping. Thank you for your post.

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    Dear Juan,

    I liked how you expressed what you feel for your name and how your name connects to your dad. Also, I can relate to you because, people call me differently from school and my family. I wonder why your nickname makes you uncomfortable though. Overall, I liked how you wrote about your name and I can tell it means so much to you.

  • My full name is Esmeralda Sarai Ortiz-Munoz. I never really thought about my name, it’s just something that represents me. This is who I am and I love my name because that’s the name my parents choose for me. I

    • Dear Esme

      I liked how you explained your name and where you got it from. I also like how you think your mom is a addict from a novel because she got your name from someone in a Novel.

    • Hey Sarai, I really enjoyed reading your memoir it was really meaningful and I can really connect to you because I also really love my name since my parents well my dad gave me my name. I liked how you used very nice words that made me feel like I was in Mexico very good sensory detail, it was really cool(unique) knowing that most people call you Sarai outside of school!

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