I believe that it’s important we use our words to be kind. By moving our mouths, lips, tongues, and vocal chords in certain ways we are able to not only wreck someone’s day but also fix someone’s day. This i

    • Ethan, I was impressed with your This I Believe essay. I think you did a great job and made some outstanding points. One thing you brought to my attention that I hadn’t really thought about is that people have problems going on in their lives that we may not be aware of so something we say as a joke can actually cause a lot of harm towards that person. I like how you almost challenge the reader to compliment people because it seems like we don’t do that enough these days. I’d love to see change and I know you as well as other people would like to as well. I like your ending because it shows the reader that it’s up to them to make the change because it won’t just happen naturally. Thank you for your This I Believe post and I enjoyed reading it.

  • Taniya, I love all of the points you make. I think I can bring an interesting side to this discussion being a male. I strongly agree with your argument, and can even attest to the fact that many body parts that are banned to show, theoretically are not distracting to most men. The double standards for men and women in schools is horrific and needs…[Read more]

  • Birkenstocks, Vineyard Vines, Uggs, Iphones and every other expensive brands have become the typical accessories. But why? The answer is very unclear, however it does have something to do with societal pressures,

    • Hi Ethan!!
      As soon as I started reading this I was intrigued. When you said “When people go to a higher end event they might rent a tuxedo, or buy new shoes, or a watch”,right away I was like wait this is so true and I’ve never really thought about why exactly people do this but it makes so much more sense when you explain it. I liked how you had direct quotes from your book to help explain your points. Also the way you related to your audience with real life things,really draws people into your writing.

  • Good work Abi!
    I really appreciate all your points but I specifically loved the way you thought of sexism as a two way street, WHhile acts of sexisim are dominated by men, it is not fair for Women to desire equality in some aspects but not ALL aspects. While Mason does bring up an interesting point about the history of the confederate flag, it is…[Read more]

  •         323 Million people all live in one country, and we may use fences, tape, and walls to divide ourselves, but there will always be roads, bridges, and connections that unify us as a people and as a cou

  • Jesus this a phenomenal letter and very well crafted. I liked all of your goals for the future and could not agree with them. My grandma immigrated here from Mexico, and Grandpa from Puerto Rico so as a second generation immigrant I can also attest that everyone just wants to do something good and deserve a place here, just as much as those born…[Read more]

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    WOW Sage! This piece of writing is original, thought provoking and amazing! I love the fact that you thought so much in depth about what this word means. It is crazy to think that when these four random letters come together that it can create so much feeling inside of a person. However I do believe that sometimes the word love is tossed around…[Read more]

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