• Good work Abi!
    I really appreciate all your points but I specifically loved the way you thought of sexism as a two way street, WHhile acts of sexisim are dominated by men, it is not fair for Women to desire equality in some aspects but not ALL aspects. While Mason does bring up an interesting point about the history of the confederate flag, it is…[Read more]

  •         323 Million people all live in one country, and we may use fences, tape, and walls to divide ourselves, but there will always be roads, bridges, and connections that unify us as a people and as a cou

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    Jesus this a phenomenal letter and very well crafted. I liked all of your goals for the future and could not agree with them. My grandma immigrated here from Mexico, and Grandpa from Puerto Rico so as a second generation immigrant I can also attest that everyone just wants to do something good and deserve a place here, just as much as those born…[Read more]

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    WOW Sage! This piece of writing is original, thought provoking and amazing! I love the fact that you thought so much in depth about what this word means. It is crazy to think that when these four random letters come together that it can create so much feeling inside of a person. However I do believe that sometimes the word love is tossed around…[Read more]

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