• Dear Family: Edwin.
    I am Edwin, your story is very good, it has many interesting things that you went through to get to the states, for everything that happened to the dangers, ”because these are done if you say you don’t like schools, you don’t like the country.

    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “The most familiar thing I have wit…[Read more]

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    Dear Edwin:
    I am Edwin Your story is somewhat surprising because of everything you’ve been through to be now where you are and you don’t feel like following, “Your story is very convincing and for everything you’ve been through we all deserve opportunities” /

    When you talk about the journey that you undertook, mine is something similar, only that…[Read more]

  • It was a common afternoon like any other day, a normal school day at least. 

    While I was outside waiting for the school entrance time, I watched many students in red uniforms entering the building.


    • Dear Edwin,

      I am Kerly, and I read your story entitled “When I almost fell,” because I find it very interesting and very fun to read these types of stories since in that type of stories we can know a little about the writer’s fun life.

      One sentence he wrote that stands out to me is: “Then we arrived at the abandoned house and my friend Ernesto takes out some beers called dos Equis lager.” I think this is wrong because you have to be big to be able to drink beer.

      Another sentence that caught my attention was: “But I had never tried beers, but I said,” well I do not think anything will happen.” This stood out for me because for you it was the first time taking alcohol and for that reason, you didn’t have to accept drinking because you’re not old enough yet and because you didn’t have permission from your parents, but you decided to drink.

      I think it is your first time writing a part of your life and it is very good because that way you let more people know what happened to you in your life. I thought you might be interested in this because it is a very funny story and very interesting.

      Thank you for writing this story I hope to see what you write next because it is very interesting to read that kind of story because they are so funny.

      From: Kerly Dutan

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