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Othello Analysis & Close Read

  In section 3 of act 1 of Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello is under scrutiny surrounding accusations from Desdemona’s father. Desdemona’s father accuses Othello of foul play and witchcraft in his wooing of Desdemona, but Othello is quick to deny all of these accusations, and calls in Desdemona as a part of his defense who says:   Desdemona: My noble father, […]

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How to raise kids into healthy young adults?

There isn’t any magic formula to parenting. There are countless factors going into raising a kid with innumerable decisions that have to be made in trying to decide how to handle your children. One parenting style that I see more and more of in the modern age is the coddling “helicopter parent”. While the helicopter parent strategy seems fine on […]

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The Unforeseen Consequences of Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting is a style of overbearing parenting that can have adverse effects on young people through stifling their course of self growth and independence. A 2018 study on some of the results of helicopter parents said that they are “characterized as overly involved, protective parents who provide substantial support (e.g., financial, emotional, physical health advice) to their emerging adult […]

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Overprotective Parenting Leads to Struggling Young People

Overprotective parents cause for all kinds of problems in kids, essentially through preventing them from learning how to handle difficult situations on their own, an indispensable skill for all people. Through the removal of risks, challenges, fears, and hurt feelings children are stripped of opportunities for growth and development necessary for their growth into more freedom and independence. Many kids […]

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When does a person become an adult?

Basically, there isn’t a whole lot of reasoning behind the ages put into place in America allowing certain privileges and taking away others. The legal age of adulthood is 18, yet the drinking age is 21, and you can’t rent a car until 25. These various ages are mainly results of different lobbying groups over time. The adult age of […]

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Do You Really Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Globally animal mistreatment is prevalent and overlooked, especially in the farming industry. Factory farms designed to draw maximum output from animals put farm animals through unmistakably horrible treatments and hold them in brutal living spaces. Animals are put through these conditions all in the name of profit for factory owners seeking the highest possible profits with little to no regard […]

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To what extent does media control society?

In today’s impressionable world, media is more spread and more accessible than it ever has been. This has strong potential to produce different forms of a hive mentality whether it be politically, religiously, or even affecting things such as music or fashion tastes. The information outlets present today spread news and media around the world in seconds for anyone to […]

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What effects do hypebeasts have on streetwear culture?

In a time of quickly evolving street fashion, new styles and brands emerge everyday, and the individual stylistic possibilities are more expansive than ever before thanks to the modern era’s distribution of information and media, individual senses of style have started to greatly  mesh together globally into more generally accepted looks through people following certain brands and being reluctant to […]

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Why is procrastination so prevalent among students?

As high school senior, I’ve seen and performed my fair share of procrastination throughout high school. Sometimes it’s little assignments, sometimes it’s a paper that decides your grade for the quarter, either way it’s not uncommon to be up until 3:00 in the morning the night before it’s due, doing things that you should’ve been doing days or even weeks […]

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What will Utah skiing be like 50 years from now?

I know that depending on global warming trends, rising temperatures will cause difficulties in producing base layers of snow for resort and backcountry skiing. This climate change causes both altered snowfall patterns and rising winter temperatures. Artificial snow creation has become a major snow producer at most major resorts to make up for the lack of snow in recent years. […]

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