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    Helicopter parenting is a style of overbearing parenting that can have adverse effects on young people through stifling their course of self growth and independence. A 2018 study on some of the results of

    The Unforeseen Consequences of Helicopter Parenting

    Helicopter parenting is a style of overbearing parenting that can have adverse effects on young people through stifling their course of self growth and independence. A 2018 study on some of the results of helicopter parents said that they...

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    • Hi Ed,

      This is a very well written article. I liked how you said that there are a lot more studies to be done and that we can’t fully conclude the effects of helicopter parenting, but that from what we do know helicopter parenting does have negative long-term effects on children. I personally think that my parents sometimes do to much for me, making it hard for me to make my own decisions and become autonomous from my parents. Parents should be a guiding support for their children, not the driving force in the decisions that they make and the things that they do. The best way to learn is from experience, so when parents are making all of the decision for their children they are missing out on that learning experience.

      I think you would really like this article:

    • Ed, I believe that you have crafted a very well-written essay on the problem of helicopter parenting that a lot of people do not like to address. Many children nowadays are coddled by their parents to the point where they are unable to function later in life, leading to extremely dire consequences. As a child, my parents helped me out in many activities, but made sure that I wouldn’t build up a major dependence on them later in life. I believe that you summed up this issue quite nicely in your essay with this quote:

      “While for some parents it is not easy to let your kids have some freedom, I think that without giving them exposure during their youth and letting them face and handle difficulty they will be brutally unprepared for the problems they encounter after they fly the coop.”

      Thank you for sharing this piece with us, and I will post a link to a compelling article I found relating to this topic that I think you would find useful. Thank you.

    • Hello Ed,
      I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree that although the tactic of helicopter parenting comes from the purest intention of keeping your kid safe but there can be some unseen repercussions. I believe that children who have parents such as these will find themselves trying hard to impress them with unrealistic expectations. The result is mental health issues and low self esteem. Not to mention the incapability of transitioning properly into the adult world due to too much reliance on their parents. If you want to read more about this topic I found this website:
      Thank you for sharing! Your post was very well written.

  • Victor,

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  • Ethan,

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