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    Hi Sophie-
    This is such a controversial topic and you attacked it graciously. The quotes you have included really help justify your argument. I really liked your conclusion and how you stated, ” They did not choose to be born in a country that was oppressing to their families, and they did not choose to immigrate to a new country when they were…[Read more]

  • Averi-
    Thank you for writing this. This topic seems to be talked about constantly, especially after the Parkland shooting. Like you, I am frustrated. I am confused as to how this keeps happening and why there hasn’t been a substantial amount of change. As a student, there is an ever impending sense of fear instilled in my mind- What if a shooter…[Read more]

  • People tend to avoid change. Whether it is social, economic, or governmental, the human race favors what is familiar. When the affordable care act was enacted in 2010, like any new government plan, controversy and

    • Emily,
      I really like your post about quality of life and healthcare. It is a very relevent topic in today’s world especially with everything going on. I really liked your first line “People tend to aviod change” because it is so true especially in politics. I thought it was really interesting when you said “The ACA has allowed individuals under the age of twenty-six to remain on their parent’s insurance plan. This has decreased the number of uninsured young adults by 47%, and allowed 6.1 million to be covered.” I never knew that. Here is an article that you might find interesting about the ACA. https://www.medicaid.gov/affordable-care-act/index.html Loved your post!

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    I loved how specific and unique this poem was. I can hear the familiarity in your voice, and it is rather comforting. A couple of months ago, I did a “Where I’m From” poem, and I loved writing it. While it was very simple it allowed me to reflect on myself and those around me. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more pieces…[Read more]

  • Hi Ronnie!
    This post is very well written and you bring up a lot of fascinating points. As a girl, the debate around reproductive rights can be rather frustrating, and I think you did an excellent job at presenting those frustrations here. I found the quote from the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism to be especially helpful/ relatable. I thought…[Read more]

  • What is the Importance of the Affordable Care Act?

    On March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama said, “We did not fear our future, we shaped it.” On this monumental day, the affordable care act or ‘Obamacare’ was put

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  • Hi Cicely-
    I love this topic. As a person who is personally affected by mental health and has witnessed the stigma that arises from it, I am constantly asking what we can do. As milenials, we are the future of our country and the representative voice. Like you, I want to know what we can do/ if there is anything we can do. I found this article…[Read more]

  • I found this post really intersting and I agree with you on the points present. As I have approached my ‘adult years’ I have noticed that I am still treated like a child. While I am 18, I have found that myself (along with others) remain sheltered in our home lives and school lives. I find the age limits in the United States particularly…[Read more]

  • Amelia,
    I thought you were very well written and I enjoyed the points you brought up.When I read 1984 I was constantly filled with fear relating to the ominipresence of the telescreens. In a way, Big Brother and the telescreens instilled a feeling of anxiety in me, possibly similar to that of the characters. As you may know, Twitter and instagram…[Read more]

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    Hi Javier,
    I too have read George Orwell’s 1984, and was constantly relaying the subtle similarities between our modern world and the world that is depicted in the novel. Like you, I found the conformity in 1984 to be vaguely similar to that of the world we are living in. I think that there is an overwhelming majority that feels acceptance is…[Read more]

  • I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed in 2012 near the beginning of Barack Obama’s second term. As a person with a chronic illness the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is something that plays a crucial role in m

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    Hi Javier-
    I really liked your post. I am writing four months after the initial publication but I find these issues to still hold relevance. I, like you am hopeful for an America that is filled with equality and justice for all. As for now, let’s keep working together and hoping for a brighter future.…[Read more]

  • Hi Catherine-
    I have attended private school for thirteen years now and with that I have worn plaid skirts, khaki shorts, and polo shirts for the same amount of time. I have not had the luxury to experience a life not in uniform, however I have always wondered how different it would be. To this day, I envy people who are able to express themselves…[Read more]

  • Has the talk of things like building a border wall or the administration’s latest travel ban made people feel more afraid or safer?

    For the past year and a half Donald Trump has been polluting conversations. H

  • Hi Jayla-
    I found your post very interesting. I agree with a lot of the points that you made above, particularly ” When the whites discriminate against the blacks, or immigrants from other countries, they are not following through with the whole idea that America was built on.”. Although, I think when you solely categorize white people as the…[Read more]

  • Oliver-
    This is a very interesting point. I agree, I think the fact that social media is so prevalent holds a terrifying tone. One quote that really stood out to me was, “Talking on social media is like writing an essay for class. You get to proof read it as many times as you desire to make sure you say the best thing.” because this is more than…[Read more]

  • Hi Nishan-
    I found your post very intriguing and well written. However, I do not necesarily agree with you. While college level basketball players, along with other collegiate athletes are extremely talented, I do not think that they are subject to pay. Ultimately I believe that if you are to be paid for your athletci ability you should be an…[Read more]

  • Hi Maggie!
    I found your post very interesting. I especially found “When killing victims, brain scans show that they never develop a form of attachment or belonging to the world which makes it easier to kill.” fascinating. The thought of what makes a serial killer kill/who they are has crossed my mind. While I realized that bullying and the nature…[Read more]

  • I’m from bleak winters and sizzling summers
    I’m from clouds of pollution dusting the valley and billows of snow decorating the trees
    I’m from barefoot barbecues, fourth of july parades, and wiggling toes in ski b

    • Emily,
      I love honest pieces of writing like this. You shared all the things that make you you, and I’m proud of you mentioning PJ’s death. What happened made us into the people we are today and a lot of us are still struggling with it. It’s brave of you to openly share the affect he had on you. Thank you for sharing such an honest piece.

    • Dear Emily,

      I really liked your post because it not only focuses on you as a person, but the challenges you faced in your life. It showed what shaped you rather than the typical “5 facts about me” poems.

      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “I’m from the suicide of my best friend” I think it was brave of you to include this because people dont normally include grief in their stories unless they’re excusing their actions.
      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next because its hard to find writer who tell the whole story upfront rather than making you search for clues.

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