• What if the energy we emit has a color? Psychic’s and Physicists alike claim that the energy we are composed of ultimately sheds a hue. It’s like a mood ring, but bigger, better, and more accurate . However, the

  • Lillie-
    I thnk your writing is excellent and I agreed with/liked some of the ideas you posed here. However, while I do believe that times of trouble/chaos/trauma/etc bring people together, there is still a divide. America is a great country for oppprotunity and diversity , but we still hold a particular separation between certain groups, opinions,…[Read more]

  • Amanda-
    I agree with the points you brought up in this post. I think that President Trump has not done his part as the leader of the United States to ensure the fair treatment of all individuals as well as condemn those that were active members in the Charlottesville rallies. I too hope that our elected leaders (especially Trump) will look at…[Read more]

  • Aleah-
    While I think this is an important topic, many people do not talk about it. It is great you are trying to find statistics for community college graduates with proper paying/ sustainable jobs, I think it would also be interestig to look at the percent of community college attendees that are recruited by larger schools for athletics, and…[Read more]

  • Among my peers/ in my school this seems to be a very popular topic for debate. I think it is very interesting that you are researching this, and I would be fascinated to see what you find; not only through the survey, but also through your other sources. I decided to search this topic and I found these articles…[Read more]

  • Montana-
    I think this is a fascinating topic with many different studies similar to what you are researching. I found your facts about scrolling harming our spinal cords very interesting. While you included information about ‘addiction’ to our phones and loss of sleep, I think it would be beneficial for you to look up possible increases in…[Read more]

  • Emma, I love this post. Similarly, I have experienced something close to this. While I was in agreement throughout the whole post, I found paragraph three particularly compelling. When you said, “I fear that without my illness, the process of becoming the person I am today would be significantly delayed if not altogether prevented.”. I couldn’t…[Read more]

  • According to guardian.com the rate of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) has increased drastically in the past ten years. Numerous studies conveyed by universities and psychologists have tried to correlate

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