• While crafting this essay  I realized I am going against, the standard academic format my Humanities teacher, Mr. Reed was seeking. Though I respect him wholeheartedly I do not think his original plan for this

    • Ethan, your linking of the story The Hate U Give to the real events it is intended to bring to the forefront and criticize is impressive. I could feel your emotion as you wrote the essay! I’m impressed that you spent the time to dig into some of the police brutality cases and find examples to back up the message in the book. I’m curious: do you think all of those cases where police killed a civilian should have ended in felony charges? How pressing is this, and what can we do to move forward?

      I’m glad that you spent some time to analyze the fictional characters between your anecdotes. Fiction may not always be as “real” as reality, but it often contains a bit of raw emotion or dialogue that reality ignores far too easily. Each of the characters, as you mentioned, may as well have been a real person.

      I’m sure you’ve already done plenty of reading up on the issue, so I won’t give you any more…
      Thanks for your post!

    • This was a really incredible piece Ethan! I haven’t read The Hate U Give yet but now I really want to.
      You’re absolutely right, unfortunately. Police violence and brutality is not just a story. It is real. It happens every day. It disproportionately affects people who are black and latino. And nothing is being done to hold the racist attitudes and practices of the police officers who perform these actions accountable. It is embarrassing to our country and to our communities.
      People who read this book and who disagree with us may say that this story is just an anecdote, or hinges on experiences with some “bad apple” police officers and not the entirety of the american criminal justice system. However, the exact things you pointed out prove that to be wrong. I hope more people read and truly understand your post.

    • I really have enjoyed The Hate U Give book very much. It had a powerful meaning to it and this post is just as powerful by explaining pretty much everything about the book. Great job on this page Ethan, you’ve really outdone yourself.

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