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    I think everyone needs to come out of there comfort zone every now and again for example when I stepped out of my comfort zone when I was at a amusement park and went on a ride I didn’t like I realized it wasn’t that bad actually it was really fun.

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    I also believe in fate and that god has plan for all of us even if we don’t see it or if things are going good or bad he has a plan for you.

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    I Believe … Creativity is one of the most important things in life because if we didn’t have it then life would be even more difficult. It would also be a lot less fun, for example if people didn’t have creat


    I Believe … Creativity is one of the most important things in life because if we didn’t have it then life would be even more difficult. It would also be a lot less fun, for example if people didn’t...

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    • Erik, this was very moving. I like the approach you take to the fundamental human nature of being creative. You say it is the most important thing to hold on to because it can lift others up at the same time that it lifts you up. Any creative process indeed is a way to feel better or make others feel better, and it is that shared creativity which makes the world a better place. You mention manga and anime as two examples of this, and it is easy to picture people feeling better as a result of these. But think about all the creativity that goes into designing buildings, roads, and even new gadgets. This is where design and creativity meet to form a self-perpetuating process of social betterment. This is why I want to be an engineer. It would be cool to look into ways that people get creative with seemingly mundane problems–I think a mind like yours would really excel here. Keep up the good work, and never stop creating!

    • Erik,
      I really enjoyed your analysis of creativity and hearing about how big of a role it has in your everyday life. You are absolutely correct when you say that life would be more boring if creativity wasn’t a major part of peoples’ lives. Inventions that further progress and make the world a better place are all results of the fruits of creativity. Thank you for writing this reflection on the beauties of creativity.

    • Hey Erik. I really enjoyed you ideas around this topic. I wouldn’t consider myself to be very creative, but it is something that I definitely need to work on. I hadn’t thought about a lot of the examples you brought up, and I definitely will think about those in the future. I hope to hear you again!

    • Hi Erik, I really enjoyed reading this piece of writing. I love expressing my creativity and incorporating it into everything I do. I agree that its one of the more important traits one can have because it can be applied in multiple areas throughout one’s life.

    • Erik, I found your thoughts on creativity fascinating. Human creativity is often taken for granted even though it is an integral part of our culture and society. As you pointed out, it has allowed us to create unimaginable things that have changed who we are. Creativity is also a very personal trait, something that can mean the world to us but nothing to someone else. Like you, I believe this trait makes us unique. I enjoyed reading about your game. It allowed me to glimpse your creative spirit. I hope to continue to share your ideas and pursue the creation of your game.

    • Hey Erik! I believe creativity to be a major part of everyone’s life. Creativity can be big or it can be small. It can be positive or it can be negative. No matter its form, it is always prevalent. It is because of these beliefs that I found your post to stand out. I loved how you mentioned the creativity inside of everyone and the ways in which you applied this creativity to the real world through inventions throughout history. I agree that our world would fail to grow and change without this fundamental element. In saying that, I believe it to be highly important that we continue to nurture and encourage creativity throughout our world. I hope to hear more about your ideas concerning creativity! Thank you!

    • Hi Erik!
      I absolutely love this. I agree that creativity is one of the most amazing things in the world. Without it, we wouldn’t have some of the most wonderful ideas that were created for our day to day use. Without creativity, our dreams wouldn’t be able to become a reality because we wouldn’t have dreams. When we read books, we would just stare at words and not watch the characters come to life through the pages. If no one had creativity, we wouldn’t even have these beautiful books in the first place. Creativity is vital, and we must do everything to keep it safe.


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