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    Dear Aryn Bowman and Roseann Torres,

    We are choosing to write to you both because we want to make changes against gun violence in schools. Something schools should work more on a school lockdown in which we

    Stop the gun violence in schools

    Dear Aryn Bowman and Roseann Torres, We are choosing to write to you both because we want to make changes against gun violence in schools. Something schools should work more on a school lockdown in which we will practice...

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    • Hello everyone.

      My name is Tayeshaun Campbell and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
      One thing I liked about what you wrote was how that you are kids trying to make a change in the world by trying to stop gun violence. Also what I liked about this is how well it was put together and how well it was written.

      Something I have a question about is why do you really wanna stop gun violence and what made you pick this subject.

    • What I like about the author is that they want to make a change about the gun violence which is a important thing in my opinion

    • I really like this topic you chose to write about because in our school a fight had just happened involving gangs but luckily no guns were involved. But I do agree on how there should be better security to keep students safe. Police should respond faster even if there is not major danger. Will anyone do something about students safety on every school existing?

    • My name is Dante from Oakland Unity High School and what I liked about this article was how you guys brought up connections from the past shootings in schools so you can give us more emotional feeling to your article. Also who is this article written to?

    • My name is Jeff and I am from Oakland Unity High School I liked that you have many other sources that had stories involving gun violence. A question I have is who are you writing to, and also if you need to practice drills you should talk to your school principal about that ?

    • I would have to agree that the issue should be combated with awareness and using to drills to prepare rather than attempting major changes to gun control.

    • My name is Jose Diaz Im from Unity High and i like that you said that teachers have to be supportive for students because we really go through some thing that no one knows about.

    • I agree but, what if the school shooter was a latino or arabic kid the U.S would had changed so many gun laws and would make a deal about for more than 3 months but because its always a white kid they never change the guns laws just like the laws in Florida you can be 18 years old and walk in a gun shop and purchase a AR-15 but you have to be 21 to buy a pistol which makes zero sense.

  • Dear Melody,
    I like how you talked about how there is laws that protects animal cruelty. Thank you for your post and hope you keep on posting.
    Erika Romero

  • Dear Itzel,
    I really like you writing it was amazing. Something that stood out to me was “Short people should realize that WE are lucky to be small and short that we can do things that other people can’t do”, I agree with you because i’m short and I like the way i am and yes there’s things that short people can do that tall people can’t d…Read More

  • Dear Luis,
    I am surprised by your post because you tell a lot of details about your name. One sentence that stood out to me ” Luis reminds me of my everyday activities, my past and future”. I like this sentence because it seems like that what keeps you motivated. Another sentence I like is “With my last names is where my story is kind of…Read More

  • Thank You liz for responding. I appreciate that there was things that stood out to you and for being supportive to my blog.

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