• Dear Cheryl,
    This article is good! I agree with you on how everyone is good and bad, but every person is good in their own way. Something that stood out for me is when you said “In my opinion there’s no one way this can be an accurate definition” what are you trying to say is how there is no right or wrong answer for people to u…[Read more]

  • Artist Statement

    Erika Romero

    This shadow box represents the things that I identify myself as and what was my assigned identity when I was born. My biological sex is female. When people look at me, they see a

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    Dear Bertha,
    Im student at life academy. I agree with you how the stereotypes from the people outside expect from a women and a female. This happens a lot to latina girls because that´s how man expect from women and to do more things for them like you said cook them food and your have to be pretty for the people from outside. Do u think this…[Read more]

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