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  • Hi Oliver. I completely agree that the electoral college should be reformed, if not eliminated. However, it is pretty unlikely that will actually happen. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact that you mentioned is definitely interesting to hear about. It wouldn’t even need to go through Congress. However, that brings up the issue of…Read More

  • Hi Ariana. I think that your essay covered a topic that is considered controversial well. I agree with you that serious gun control laws should be considered, especially in such a turbulent time as now. While I understand that the right to own a firearm is protected by the second amendment, it makes sense to have some regulations regarding the…Read More

  • Hi Zhelanea,

    I also think that this past election was very different from the prior ones. A significant part of it is probably due to the fact that we’re in a pandemic right now, but I think that this election also had bigger stakes for both parties. The appointment of the new Supreme Court Justice tipped it in favor of a conservative bias, so…Read More

  • Dear Isabella,

    Reading your piece on procrastination made me realize a couple of things. The first thing was that it is not always a result of poor time management or laziness. It can also be caused by mental illness or be used as a coping mechanism. The other thing I realized was that procrastination can sometimes be healthy. I found this…Read More

  • Hi Nico. Thank you for writing this great piece about the role of equality throughout history in society. You bring up some very good examples of oppression, such as the one faced by the Jewish people during World War II. I found this website that gives a third instance of this here:

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