• I agree with you all the way. seeing how you explained,”Another problem with this crisis is that people are so quick to assume it’s bad or turn their heads because the situation doesn’t really affect them.”Showing that people do just assume that its always bad and not knowing any information on the situation which is a problem in the wor…[Read more]

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    I agree what your saying with rappers and how they do a lot of drugs but most good rappers actually don’t do drugs. For example 50 Cent, J Cole,Eminem,and etc. what I’m trying to explain to u is that not every rapper does drugs.

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    I agree with what your trying to say but its a little to late to start protesting. The reason why i said its to late is because Colin Kaepernick was protesting before every body and as i see it hes the only one that’s a free agent , but when he was protesting it felt like everybody was against him.Agreeing with what your saying ,but there a year to late.

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  • I understand what your trying to say with people being racist base what they said. I’m going to have to disagree because some people just take it to another level of racism in there wording as well. Because if a famous person was to say something racist then everybody has something to say so it should go for everybody. Seeing your point racism…[Read more]

  • I agree with your writing and something that stands out to me when you said that all lives matter. At the same time you threw me a curve ball going more down your writing.(Explain more)

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