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  • Hi Max, great post. I agree that these are some great ideas by the Senator, but I think the issue will become that that money will come from increased taxes. This should work, in theory, as the wealthy could take the brunt of the tax hit leaving the less well-off with more federal subsidies than they paid in taxes. The problem is, as we have seen…Read More

  • Eric commented on the post, Why Education Fails

    Hi Nico, I completely agree that our current education system leaves us grossly ill-prepared for life outside of high school and college. I still have no clue how to do taxes, and I am about to graduate.

  • I agree to an extent. I believe in the values you defined to be true to the American idea are accurate, but with current immigrant statuses and laws in effect, being an immigrant makes it hard for me to consider myself an American. I am unable to vote, so I have no right to express my beliefs in what happens to make my say useless. Also, I have…Read More

  • Hi Hussain, I just wanted to say I can really relate to your story! I also emigrated from the Toronto area of Canada. While I can’t relate to the same name-calling circumstances, I have been teased for my accent and my unique hair color. I also just wanted to say just how much that whole immigrant issue affects me still with all sorts of paperwork…Read More



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