• This was done in collaboration with Quan Nguyen.

    The intent for this video was to be used as an advertisement. The goal was for there to be shock, as well as humor,  and scare people into not polluting.

  • I think this is a definite problem in America that we should fix. Poverty can easily be eradicated, but people are unwilling to give the support that they should, as well as go out and seek the work that they should. However, I do not think that anyone will actually support these reforms, especially with our current administration. My question is…[Read more]

  • Through all of my reading, I learned that water pollution, something I thought was only a problem in the developing world, was a massive problem throughout America. Water is not one of, but the most important

  • This is a great infographic. I think the message here is really powerful, especially considering our current administration and the defunding of planned parenthood. I love the use of graphics and statistics, which compress the information into easier to understand items.

  • I agree with your ideas on school lunches. I hate to be a pessimist, but I do not think that reforms will work. Big business will lobby against this strongly. Schools are a prime market for the biggest food companies to trap consumers from the very beginning, and they are a huge source of income. Also, moving to a more localized approach will not…[Read more]

  • This infographic was made in collaboration with Quan Nguyen.

  • I think this is a really great thing to have happened. Preventing forceful conversion therapy is something that we definitely need, especially with the current political climate. Some people say that conversion therapy should be available for people that want to change their sexuality, but that just leads to parents forcing their kids to go…[Read more]

  • Water pollution is a big problem. However, when people think about it, they imagine dark sludge pouring into rivers, and fish floating on the surface, dead. But what if something that we all thought was safe

  • In Huck Finn, Twain was definitely trying to portray a certain “flavor” in the South. However, I think that your terming of Jim’s speech as “incorrect” is troublesome, as it implies that there is a “proper” way to be talking. I see that you do not refer to the other dialects as incorrect, which is why I bring this up. On another note, I don’t…[Read more]

  • I disagree with your analysis. I feel that Huck’s attitude towards society has not changed at all throughout the journey. What he sees as he goes down the river is that people are terrible, and he sees many terrible aspects of humanity, violence, with the feud, greed, with the con men, gullibility, with the people being conned, and religious…[Read more]

  • In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, We have two characters trying to become free. Huck, who is running away from society, which he views as oppressive and controlling, and Jim, an escaped slave

  • Yes. The bees matter a lot, but what can we do about it? I would love to hear what you think is a solution to this. Also, what could the root cause of this be? Could it be increased pollutants in the atmosphere? Global warming? How do we fix this problem?

  • I think you are definitely right about how water is something that matters. However, I don’t think that people drinking the polluted water will affect the companies. They don’t care about the people, they just care about profits. This is a big problem, especially with a president who wants more coal mining in America.


    I care about the flaws in America. This means everything from the inherent contradiction that is income inequality, achievement gaps, and blatant discrimination that is happening now. America, as well as the

  • I really agree with what you have written about the deterioration of our environment, as well as how it is being abused by humans. We really do need to do something about this. I would like to hear more from you, hear about how it ties to your personal experience, as that is what This I Believe is intended to be about.

  • I believe America is a place where no one should feel excluded. Let’s start this off with a story. So when I was younger I switched schools going, from a local Montessori to the public school. The one question

    • you are undoubtedly right the line you said in the last paragraph was powerful.”I believe America is a place where no one should feel excluded from the greater culture just because they’re not white.” America is a big melting pot with so many cultures so others should excluded anybody because America cultures is based on diversity.

    • Those type of aggression are the worst, where you can not feel welcome because you can tell that people will attack you still.
      I am not from the U.S., and sometimes I totally feel this aggression situation, not fun at all.

    • I can relate to this. I am not from America & i get almost the same comments. Its petty tough when you don’t feel like your’e not welcome just because were not American, or our culture, language, and dress is different from the majority people around us.

  • I agree with Evan, Huck definitely thinks of the Grangerfords as good people, but what I question is how they, as well as Huck, threat the slaves. Huck doesn’t even mention their names, or how much work they actually did. I think there is much more to address with the feud, like maybe looking at it like a symbol for every conflict? Every conflict…[Read more]

  • I think you’re absolutely right about Jim and his dialect, and how it shows regionalism. My question is this. Why is Jim’s dialect different from Huck’s, and also how different is Huck’s from what, at Twain’s time, was considered the “proper” dialect. How does Twain show the difference between Huck’s dialect and “proper” dialect?

  • While reading Huckleberry Finn with my class, I especially noticed Huck’s father, and how he is extremely disenfranchised with the government, as well as his racism


    This is shown best in his drunken rant in Ch

    • Hi Eric, I think you brought up some really great and thought-provoking points here. I agree that Pap is a character representative of the attitude of many Americans at the time with a social status similar to his. I also can see the clear connection between the tensions then and the tensions now. I especially like your line, “However, the tariffs and trade wars would not help jobs, but would only make the whole world worse, thus making America seem great again.” These types of issues are always difficult to grapple with because of their complexity, but I think you explained your perspective and connections very well.

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    Hi Paul. I think you have an interesting viewpoint with this writing. However, I do think you are lacking citations and evidence to support these claims. Also, have you considered if American companies even have room to grow? We are almost at full employment, and more growth could cause rampant inflation, actually making things more expensive.

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