• do you think its more than just racism?

  • i agree with everything that u wrote i had the same poem and wrote about the same thing i also saw another changes analysis by tyler and he thinks its about poverty and racism i agree but i think its way more than just that as we both wrote on our analysis

  • The big question is why is there police brutality? By Tupac Shakur. The poem answers this question because Tupac says “pull a trigger kill a nigga he’s a hero” The hero in that stanza means the police. Anoth

    • Dear Erald,
      I am intrigued by your post because I have done the same analysis on “Changes”. I want to see what you think about the poem/song.
      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “The Black Panthers believed that black people should arm themselves…” I think this is interesting because Tupac mentions Huey’s death when he tried to use violence to gain equal rights.
      Your post reminds me of the violence and racism today. It seems that police brutality is dying down, but it is still going on. Black people still haven’t had their rights equal to white people.
      Thanks for your post. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your ideas are interesting.

  • Dear Karla

    I like your bio its so personal and i like how deep you get into ur life. And i like the title “Karla’s journey” very creative title i like how u give us your life through school and how now u made it to highschool very good karla

  • My name is Erald Haziraj. I was born in August 5th 2002 which makes me 16 years old my mom were born in Dominican republic she  moved to New York after getting married and they lived in New York for about

    • Erald,

      I really enjoyed reading your post about your life! Your use of description allowed me to get a clear picture of what you were talking about with your family and your childhood. The last sentence is very powerful and it is inspirational for anyone who wants to make a change in their life.

      I hope that you keep writing about yourself and your journey. I think that your story could really help a lot of people.

      Great job, Erald!

    • Erald,
      It is very good to hear that you’ve made a significant change in your life. I couldn’t imagine living without a father and understand that it must be hard to be expected to do everything right without that figure in your life. I really hope you continue to make a change for the better and seek betterment for yourself and others.

    • Dear Erald,

      I am surprised by the way that you described your poem “change for good” because I would never imagine for you to go through something like that, especially when you had no father figure the oldest son you would just learn by what you would see in the street. “I had a rough life with no father figure with gang affiliation and messing around with the police getting into trouble going to jail getting into fights” its really rough how you have to deal with that.” now that I grew up I realized what I been doing to my life I decided to change for the greater good” when you said this it made me realize how some people grow up for the better. Your bio reminded me off how I also lost my dad and my life changed not because I didn’t have a father figure but because I was really close to him for him just to leave without saying nothing.

      If you ever need someone to talk to I’m here.

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    The Bronx where everything goes down we call it the jungle where in the day time the train is the loudest thing on the blockand at night is the ambulance goes off, every one knows each other we like one big famil

    • I like it. It’s short and real

    • This poem is authentically beautiful. What caught me was the picture of the train, it was what made me click on this post. As I read the poem I got even more impressed. I love all the elements you added to this, what your home sounds like, what its called and what the community is like. I am glad to hear it is a close knit community, similar to a family. Overall your poem is 10/10, keep writing and I am sure you could make it to 11/10.

    • I like your poem because it’s short and so powerful. Keep writing poems like this one!

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    really like it love the picture

  • The first time I touched A ballI wasn’t even that tallFour years to be exactI grew up to be six feetI am a magician with the ball they say to me i never been so happy in my life when i play growing in the stre

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