• Dear Briant:
    I am Erick, I wanted to tell you that you wrote an excellent story about how you came to the United States as a step as you felt at the time “ Crossing The River,” because Your story is very good because as you tell it as how it happened because there were 20 people who were in that boat and it is a lot of weight for a boat.

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  • When I walked to the soccer field with two friends, the coach Ernesto approached me. 

    He told me, “Today, Erick, you are going to be the team captain.” 

    On this day that I was the captain, he looke

    • I think that is an important life lesson, to think about what is best for the team. In sports, it is fun to win, but it is also important to learn life skills like leadership and teamwork. Your reflection on your decision makes you a good leader. I hope that you get the opportunity to lead again, and thanks for sharing this life lesson.

    • Great experience!
      I like the way you presented this story. It shows that you learned your mistake and were able to make up for that error. This teaches us that mistakes are inevitable because we are not all knowing, but we are sometimes presented with a chance to fix our mistakes.

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  • My Bilingual Family from Erick on Vimeo.

    The language in my family is both  English and Spanish but Spanish is spoken more because my family is from El Salvador. There is only Spanish spoken there –  no E

    • Thank you for sharing your story and I agree with you learning a now language is a challenge but it is very interesting. I am also an English language learner. Learning English is useful and best wishes for you in the future.

  • I am interested in your story because that happened to me. I had to leave my brother in El Salvador.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: I am sad because my mom is not with me. ” I think this is sad because when I left my brother I was also sad every day I called him on the phone so he wouldn’t feel alone at home.
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