• One major issue affecting many people is alcohol abuse, including teenagers. Drinking has short term and long term effects including injury and addiction. I personally feel that this is the most important underage

    • Enzo,
      Hello, my name is Sante and I am a senior at Judge Memorial High School. I think you are discussing something very important and prevalent to today’s society. Often times, society has thought that the solution to problems such as underage drinking is to just tell people to not do it. More than often, this makes an underage and not fully developed brain more curious to know why they shouldn’t be doing it, ending up in them doing the very thing they were told not to. Awareness is key in preventing this problem. In this article, they talk about how communication with young adults is key (https://www.quitalcohol.com/guides/preventing-underage-drinking-and-alcohol-abuse.html)

    • Enzo, you make a very compelling argument. I liked how you started off with talking about how underage drinking is dangerous and stating facts that you found related to that. Then, you talked about what you think should be done about it: educate youth about these dangers. I think it is very clever to have mentioned that what is happening today, with zero tolerance, is not working, therefore something different needs to be done. Here is a link that I think you might be interested in: https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh26-1/5-14.htm. It talks about more strategies to prevent reckless, underage drinking. Great job!

    • Hello Enzo, I thought that this article’s arrangement was very well thought out. Most articles that discuss underage drinking have the same content as your first two paragraphs, but I thought your line “I believe we need to be against underage drinking but realize that many are gonna to do it anyways, so they should be aware of how it affects you, and how to be safe while drinking” makes this writing stand out from others like it. As a teenager, I can see that underage drinking is prevalent almost in every community. To see that you recognize this and form your article around it shows that thought was put into your article. One question I have is what ways can adults promote safe drinking among youths. Listing the dangers is a good start, but I would like to see other recommendations for how teens can prevent injury if they end up drinking. Other than that this article was very well written and had a lot of good points.

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