• Dear Evelyn:

    Estoy asombrado por tu escritura de “poder escribir en el diario” porque aprendí algo que nunca había escuchado. Yo soy de Guadalajara i vivo en Orange Cove CA. Una frase que me gusto fue que “por eso tío Toni se fue y otras personas se están yendo para los estados unidos.” Esto me gusto porque tío Toni les demostró que se podía…[Read more]

  • So far, the story of Earthquakes by Luke Thompson reminds me of another text. It was called the Tsunami.  One thing that is similar is that both can destroy cities in just a few seconds. In 17, 1989 an Earthquake

    • Thanks for your writing. i look forward to seeing what you write next because your saying the by that time people don’t know why Earthquakes happened. The other text I read about The Tsunami was about in Japan. In 2011 a Tsunami surprise Japan it was around 6 pm when the Tsunami came destroying everything. It caused a lot of damage. A lot of people lost their houses because of that all people were scared they thought no one was going to survive. I hope never being on one of this situations because that would be horrible.

  • Dear Alberto

    Estoy asombrado por tu escritura “The Philippe Coutinho”. La parte que me gusto fue “Que tu querías ser como él y en algún futuro ser mejor que él” porque pienso que si tu trabajas duro en la escuela algun dia llegaras hacer alguien importante en el fútbol. Gracias por tu escritura espero leer tu próxima escritura que escribas a co…[Read more]

  • So far, the central idea of Earthquakes reminds me of something I saw in a movie. I read about  Lisbon portugal that was preparing for a special day when an Earthquake came out and destroyed  churches, b

    • esteemed PRIMO enrique I’m happy with his publication he did because he’s talking about that A lot of people died. Also I saw a movie called Terremoto which was almost the same thing as this book because it showed a family that was trying to survive but the Terremoto was very strong the man was trying to save his daughter who was stuck in a building. But he couldn’t due to the fact that he was also struggling to save his own life. I hope my family and I never been in an Earthquake because we can die in a few minutes. Never would I have thought that earthquakes would be so dangerous.

  • So far, the character of Kareem by Raymond Obstfeld reminds me of something I saw. I didn’t grew up like him  but, I know people who grew up like him. When I starting reading this text reminds me of other pe

  • So far, the central idea in the soccer star of the Lionel Messi reminds me of another player Ronaldinho. In other text Ronaldinho is one of the most magical  player in the world they have almost the similar type

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