• Every time I go to Mexico,

    my stress and worries just feel like they fall out of me.

    The parties, the nature, the view, and nothing to worry about.

    Spending time with my family.

    As soon as christmas break

    • So true, sorry for your loss

    • I can tell you had such a great bond with your aunt sorry for your loss.

    • Dear Chito,

      I can relate to you. My mom’s aunt unfortunately passed away too. I was so close to her that I’ve felt like she was my second mother. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her neither. Knowing that I wasn’t able to travel back to my home country to visit her makes me mad. So I can somewhat relate to tou as well. One of the things that I really like about your work is that you said that you will be visiting her grave everytime you go. I hope you go and visit quiet often because I know she was really close to you. I enjoyed reading your work and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work. Peace dude.

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    Dear Kristofer,
    I am really proud about your comic ¨choices¨ because it showed how you were as a person and you wanted to do things that you would like. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is ¨Can I play soccer?.. really?”it showed how you were surprised on the voice you wanted to make and your parents accepted it. Thanks for writing.

  • Dear Salvador,
    I am really surprised on how you showed us how you are as a person about your poem “Why I’m Calm As Hell” because knowing that you keep things to yourself you wanted to share how you felt. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is: “Can’t show I’m stressed. Who would care? I keep things to myself, that is how I am, I lik…[Read more]

  • “Get your shit together”     


    I feel ashamed of myself,

    Hearing those words,

    Makes me feel like I’m not doing the right thing,

    Makes me feel like I am not doing my job,

    And I tell myself “ge

    • Dear Enrique,

      I am impressed, about what changed you to become a hard worker. Constantly hearing people telling you to get together brought you back. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, ¨Knowing that I would work hard and do the right thing, I felt less ashamed of myself, No stress, No “what if”, No worrying.¨ I like this because you started to feel less ashamed of yourself which really helps your self-esteem when doing work. You began to not worry a lot and started leaving the ¨What If” away. Another sentence that I liked was, ¨Working hard made me be myself, It makes me be a better person, It makes me be a better student, It makes me be a better athlete.¨ By working hard you were not just able to improve on school and academically, but on being yourself, a better person, and an athlete. Hopefully you continue to work hard and continue to do good things. I agree that working hard should not an option, but rather something that everyone does.

      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are a very hard working student. Whatever you write next should be another amazing piece.

    • made me cry

    • Dear Enrique,
      I am impressed a about the hard work you’ve put in recently. You really showed that when you are dedicated to something you do it. You don’t let any excuses to get in your way when you are really dedicated. That is something that you should be proud of because not a lot of people have the motivation that you had, to get up and make a progress in your life. A few sentences that stood out to me were the following…”I got up and did my work.I got up and went to work.I got up and moved forward.I didn’t just get up, I worked hard!”. I really like this lines because it showed that by just getting up won’t do a change. You showed that by getting up and working hard, you’ve made a change in you. You advocated for yourself, if you keep doing this, there will be a bright life waiting for you in the future. Hopefully you continue to work hard and smart so that you you’ll get further in life with your accomplishments.

  • Dear Kristofer,
    I enjoyed reading your post about your name memoir. What moved me about your post was how your parents taught you that life wont be easy and you work really hard to get the things you want. A highlight that I liked about your name memoir was “Nothing is easy and it never will be easy especially for a person of color”. I really like…[Read more]

  • Dear Lizbet,
    I enjoyed reading your blog about the LGBTQ community. You bring up very interesting points on the cisgender community vs the LGBTQ community. What stood out ot me about your post is when you explained “This is important to know because almost half of the LGBTQ youth were in a non supportive community”. This stood out because it s…[Read more]

  • Hearing my name Enrique Blanco, makes me have a vision of darkness, feeling the chills through my body knowing that someone is calling for my attention, something important that is needed from me, something

    • I like how you talk about your real name and your nickname and how they are different based on who is calling you that and how you feel like you are two people at the same time but they both are combined at the end of the day making one individual with different traits

    • Dear Enrique or ¨Chito¨,

      I am really impressed by your post, ¨The Light In The Dark¨ because of how you expressed the meaning of what your names mean to you. One sentence that really stood out to me was, ¨Its if it were to be two people, one shining and one losing by believing that there is darkness, therefore, there will always be light on both side¨(Blanco). I can really connect to this line because I have a nickname too and to me they are botha part of my identity and how I am. I think they are just just as important but the people closest to me call me Vicky. Another sentence that stood out to me was ¨Feeling the honor, the relief, the excitement, the love, the success people were not able to visualize on what Enrique Blanco JR had and who he really is¨(Blanco). The details you gave in your writing really show the importance of your name. To be honest, feelings about my names are something I myself have not really thought about but you brought a new light on that for me. I do agree that names are really important because they are your ¨title¨ in a sense. Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really loved this piece of writing. It shows your talent as a writing and also who you are as a person.

    • Dear Enrique/Chito
      I am inspired by your memoir The Light In The Dark because not only does it have motivating parts for people but it is a deep piece of work that is really good. This memoir was really detailed especially when you talked about receiving chills in your body when your name is called. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Enrique Blanco Jr, it rises me up from the ground, breaking through all the darkness, but not without the light (JR) , like plants breaking through concrete to give life, but not without roots , and bring happiness to the ones around it.” This stood out for me because it was really poetic and a strong piece of artwork, it was something I could relate to because I am the only child and I am also going to be the first in my family to go to college so the simile that you used made me realize that. Your memoir reminds me of something that happened to me. One time I was having fun and being a kid and I ended up doing some things that were not right to do. My grandma opened the door to my room and I had painted my dog, so he came out walking all painted in red and I run outside. My mom just yells ALBERTO!! I was like oh damn its over. She looks at me and say what the hell Beto, I just looked at her and then they all laughed. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I found this memoir really inspiring and motivating that I expect more of your work to be the same or have the same kind of impact.

    • I love you

    • This line is so moving and eloquently written: “I see my name as being dark, but there is always a torch inside, a bright light with fire on it, that brings hope” … as is your title. Beautiful writing. You should be PROUD of this!

    • Enrique, this was a really lovely post. It was so fascinating to read about the significance of your name and the different meanings it has to you. I guess I’ve never really thought about how important names are and what they symbolize and represent. I also liked how you talked about nicknames, and the significance they hold as well. The different words you used to describe your emotions and the words you used to describe what it sounds like to hear your name being said were really vivid and insightful. Overall, I love your post. Here is an article I think you would find to be interesting: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/19/the-importance-of-a-name/?utm_term=.df881b54070e

  • Dear Gildardo,
    Im very moved by your post “Professional Soccer In Oakland”. What moved me about your post is how you show a professional soccer team in Oakland can benefit not just the youth but the community as well. Its a great idea to put a sport into a community in order to benefit it in more than one way. Thank you for taking your time to…[Read more]

  • Dear Natalie ,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post on immigration. A section of your work that I want to highlight is “Daca has helped undocumented youth a lot it has given them the opportunity to work hard and get good education”. I like how you include that Daca is something beneficial for the youth , thus making your statement very per…[Read more]

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