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  • Over 7 million migratory birds pass through the Great Salt Lake and rely on it as a food source. If you’re over by the lake, you’re bound to see all sorts of birds. I myself often see pelicans on the Jordan River, which connects to the lake. Just reading this article, you can get a sense of how many bird species rely on the Great Salt Lake -…Read More

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    How do you motivate yourself to do your tasks?

    Everybody has times when they just can't get themselves to work, some people more than others. Motivation to do your tasks can be a difficult thing to acquire, and I myself was wondering how I could get myself to...

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    • I think this post is very interesting. I have trouble with procrastination and motivation to get my work done. I have never tried to spread out my work instead of just powering through, so I would like to see if this is helpful for me. I also read this article, which gave some more helpful tips to overcoming procrastination, which I think you may enjoy.

    • I really liked this topic. I think this made a good point about dividing up the little tasks to make it more feasible for people who struggle. I enjoyed reading this article and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    • I really like the purpose of this article. Because of COVID, I struggle with procrastination and have been trying to figure out how to break this habit. So ideas like setting goals to cause “intrinsic” motivation is very helpful. Speaking of intrinsic motivation, I wonder if extrinsic motivation is more popular among adults or teenagers and why that statistic would exist.

    • I liked this post. Motivation is often something that needs to be learned. I found interesting that the middle of the task is the least motivated part. I wonder if doing something harder first will make you more motivated that if you did it last.

    • Dear Ender,’
      Your post made me think people have a hard time with work. Any type of work like a homework,chores, or a job. This made me think that a lot of people are lazy in this world. Something I wonder is what are other ways to help with laziness.

      Michael Lopez

    • Dear Ender,
      Your post made me think about the struggles people have when it comes to studying and how these strategies could help. For instance, you listed sectioning your work into parts and finishing section by section in order to motivate yourself to complete it all. This is a good tactic as it seems like it would help the student complete their work. Something I wonder is if these strategies dont work what else could?

      Antonia Mariscal

    • Dear Ender
      Your post made me think about different strategies i have used in my past. Like studying till the ice melts it helps you want to do the most u can before it melts. Something i wonder is is there even better tactics and are different tactics different for certain people.



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