• Regarding the ethical debate of using stem cells, most people accept the use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), or adult cells that have been genetically reprogrammed to their original state. This type of

  • This is a great topic, and a very prevalent issue right now. I think it would be interesting if you also researched clean energy solutions that other countries are developing. As you said, big oil and politics is an international problem, and it will take international solutions.

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    This is a very interesting topic! I think there is a lot of potential. I think you should definitely research more into punishment vs. rehabilitation in prison, which is quite the controversial topic right now and relates to the rights of the prisoners and the psychological effects of prison.

  • GALE Research

    While adult stem cells have a political advantage over embryonic stem cells, in that there is not a controversy of harvesting the stem cells from an embryo, adult stem cells are much harder to

    • Erin. This is a really neat idea for a project. Stem cell research and research in this field alone is very controversial but they outcomes (if they are as successful as they say they are and if their research is as accurate as they claim it is) then I believe that further research and science into this topic is mandatory. Awesome research topic and excited to see what you come up with.

    • Erin,
      This is a very interesting topic. Stem cell research is primarily a very iffy subject to discuss, and it is great that you are documenting research well.

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    I think this could be very intersting! I would definitely narrow down your topic, though, and focus on maybe on aspect of algorithms. For example, you could focus on how they have been used historically and how we have advanced to where we are at now. This is a very Andrew topic haha. I’m excited to see what you do with it.

  • I Ellie’s idea of comparing Bernie’s ideas with policies already in place in other countries is a great idea. Bernie’s socialism seems very radical to many people, but it really isn’t when you look at other free countries. In fact, we are just about the only advanced democratic nation that does not provide universal health care. I really like this…[Read more]

  • Scientists discovered how to derive embryonic stem cells from mice in 1981. In 1998, they discovered how to do the same in humans. Ever since, embryonic stem cell research has been a highly controversial issue.

    • I loved learning more about stem cells because people are highly torn about stem cells but I have never had enough information to form an opinion. This makes me want to look more into stem cell research because I can see how important stem cells could be and how helpful they can be for people. This article really sparked my interest.

  • As my AP English class reads Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean, I am struck by a reoccurring concept she keeps touching on: no government is pure enough to condemn any person to death. I have always been q

  • I agree that this is a very complex topic and there are a lot of things to consider. I definitely understand why the Founding Fathers put this system into place, but I don’t believe it is as important now as it was back then. If we are to keep this system in place, I think one way to solve the problem you mentioned of safe and swing states is to…[Read more]

  • I completely agree with you. I have heard a lot people who voted for Trump complaining that we think that anyone who voted for Trump is racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and homophobic. It is true that a lot of people who voted for Trump aren’t all of these things and likely voted for Trump because of his economic policies or simply because they…[Read more]

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    I have never attended a school where uniforms haven’t been required, so I cannot speak to the environment of schools without uniforms, but I do know what it is like to be forced to wear uniforms. While I completely understand your point on allowing students to express themselves with clothing, my experience leads me to disagree with you. I have…[Read more]

  • This is an amazing and relevant poem in our society today. I go to a high school where we wear uniforms, so that, in theory, takes away girls ability to wear “revealing” clothing. We all have to wear shorts, and the girls must be to the knee. It is a common occurrence that girls are sent home for their shorts being too short, while there are boys…[Read more]

  • I agree with you, and I think anyone leading our country must be compassionate and willing to fight for all our citizens, not just White people. Your post brings up the issue of implicit bias in general, which is when we have subconscious biases against others, usually based on physical appearance. This also relates to how we treat Muslims, which…[Read more]

  • I completely agree, and I think it is despicable that we have s presidential candidate who proposes such ignorant and hateful policies rooted in racism and a lack of understanding of our current system. The statistics you provided show that the wall will do nothing but hurt the entire American economy, the American people, our work force, and…[Read more]

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    It seems like the UN are doing a lot to prevent terrorism, and it makes you wonder if there would be much more terrorism without these counter-terrorism units. It is a world problem and affects people all around the world, so it is definitely and issue the UN should be dealing with.

  • One of the biggest debates in our country today is over the issue of gun control. It is a major issue in our election right now as well—Hillary Clinton wants to enforce stricter guidelines on gun use in order to d

  • Hi Carol,
    I think that if Trump is elected, it is very possible that we will be headed for pure chaos and a decline of our nation as a whole. I saw a very interesting video recently in which someone interviewed

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  • I agree that this is a huge problem in our country, and we really should be doing more to solve this issue. I think it indicative of the fact that our country still has strong implicit prejudices against black

  • This is very interesting! It is very scary that we seem to be overlooking this massive issue in our world that will have a drastic effect on all of us. I think another important thing to consider is the social and

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