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  • Dear Karen,

    I do think that children should be vaccinated. You state that “It is roughly estimated that about 600,000 new COVID cases will be prevented because of the children obtaining the vaccine.” After seeing the statistics I am relieved that they are able to be vaccinated. These 600,000 people can make such an impact in our world and in…Read More

  • Dear Angel,

    To answer your question I do think that video gaming is a sport. Video gaming requires strategy, determination, hard-work, and time. I think it is great that the stigma against non stereotypical sports is eliminating. Many people are able to connect with each other through online games and are able to compete just like in a…Read More

  • Dear Janette,

    I think this post is really interesting as it applies to our generation. It shows that as technology advances, the world changes to support that technology. Companies are changing to hire those who put their resume on tiktok. “And dozens of companies including Chipotle, Target, and Shopify have started hiring via the app.” I find…Read More

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    Ethics of Stanford Prison Experiment

    The Stanford Prison Experiment was cruel and inhumane but led to great psychological change and discovery. The study was created in order to understand the effects of norms, labels, and societal expectations in a simulated prison environment. Psychologists wanted...

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    • Dear Emmy, 
      I am very interested in your post about the “Stanford Prison Experiment” because I actually did research on this not too long ago. I didnt think that many people had heard about it until I ran into your post. This experiment was very interesting to me because we were able to see what happens when someone has a lot of power over the weak. 
      Something you said that stood out to me was, “The prisoners believed that this experiment was reality and that they were trapped.” I find it interesting how they  thought that it was actually happening even though the experiment had only been going on for 6 days. It makes me realize how detached we can be from reality after a certain while. 
      Overall, thank you for your writing, I really look forward to what you write next because I enjoy reading about these experiments. I would like to know your thoughts on other popular experiments in the future! 

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