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Response to Growth Mindset Survey

When starting my research, I wanted to get a true understanding of how students around me feel about their learning experience. I created a survey that would get a basic idea of the feelings within my school, the results were compelling and provided evidence to the claim that our school system does not do enough to help its students. 124 […]

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Growth Mindset Research Tactics

Within my research I have learned what sites to use and not use. To start off google is not a bad source to use but after you have looked over the top articles Google gets repetitive and unreliable. I used SIRS research database to find some more reliable and highly educated authors. Although harder to read it is a great […]

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Growth Mindset in Education: Survey

An issue surrounding our education system contains the skewed mindset of educators and students, I am researching the effects of fixed mindset in education and why growth mindset is more valuable. This is interesting to me because I am going into education as my major as well as I see myself as a person who has gone from a fixed […]

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On Campus Sexual Assault and What The Government Is Doing About It

The exploding media on sexual assault has created a spark in conversation on the topic. Hollywood may be the main focus at this point but a burning issue today is the sexual violence on college campuses. Betsy DeVos reversed Obama’s Title Ⅸ policy on campus sexual assault investigations, making it much harder to convicted (Para. 4, Tatum). Under the Obama […]

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Favorite Word- Porpoise

Porpoise, my younger sister’s pet rat was small and frankly gross but somehow made life very interesting. This time in our life was hard, our family was going through an economic drought not to mention my sister and I had just gotten through our 11 year feud and were slowly becoming friends. The day we got the rat I had […]

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