• PJ, I agree there are so many problems with our schools today. I just wrote a paper about growth mindset. I wonder how things would be different if student grades were based on growth rather than fixed scores. I also think students should learn more real world skills and be exposed to other opportunities after high school rather than just going to college.

  • Nathan, you have some good points I agree with. Too many people are put in prison for crimes that don’t put the public at risk. It would be better to give prisoners skills and opportunities for rehabilitation, especially young offenders. That way after they have served their time in prison they might do better when entering the real world.

  • Olivia, you have made some great points. One thing I have heard about is it that doctors often prescribe more doses than are necessary. And like you said the medication is so addictive. That is one thing that could be a positive change-only give the minimum number of doses.

  • Catherine,
    I never have wore a uniform but do understand how it is going to a school where not everyone can afford nice clothes. The poverty rate in America is extremely high and in private school most children are not in the poverty. I believe that school uniforms are a great idea. There are people who do not have hip clothes or top brands. If…[Read more]

  • Whitlee,
    I am very glad you decided to talk about this subject. I would say your writing was more about tow separate topics, transgenders in the army and transgender suicide. I understand these are both very serious subjects and agree that trans and all LGBTQA+ should be allowed to be in the military or any position allowed to the general public.…[Read more]

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    This poem is so powerful and if it is about you or the character in the book I really appreciate the thought and hard work you put into it. You managed to tell an entire story with just a few stanzas! Very powerful and well written,

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    This was very interesting to read especially because I have never heard of this. It is very sad and devastating that these fisherman can not see the wide spread harm they are causing. I am wondering what is being done about it? I understand there are laws about it but is there any other actions being put in place? Also I now about whaling…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed reading your article and think it raises many good points about our world today. I agree that people are blaming others that are of color or different religion for the fear and worry in America. When really it is much deeper and just an easy escape for their worry. I wonder if there will be a book written like Animal Farm about…[Read more]

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    I am glad you decided to talk about this topic. The #MeToo campaign has done so much for women who have felt like they have no voice and were ashamed to come out and say what has happened to them. Did you by chance watch the Golden Globes? They all dressed in black to support woman in the workforce and woman effected by sexual assault. I…[Read more]

  • When starting my research, I wanted to get a true understanding of how students around me feel about their learning experience. I created a survey that would get a basic idea of the feelings within my school, the

    • Emma,
      The results of your survey are very intriguing! As a high school student, I too feel the stress of getting good grades and doing extracurriculars and being an active member in clubs. There is a lot asked for a high school student to be successful and students are sacrificing learning for grades. It is interesting to see that in your results you found that a small percentage of students valued learning more than grades, but from what I see and hear from high school students (and myself) I am not surprised. School is extremely stressful at times and the pressure for high grades is increasing, which is stressing out high school students even more.

  • Within my research I have learned what sites to use and not use. To start off google is not a bad source to use but after you have looked over the top articles Google gets repetitive and unreliable. I used SIRS

  • An issue surrounding our education system contains the skewed mindset of educators and students, I am researching the effects of fixed mindset in education and why growth mindset is more valuable. This is

  • Sage,
    I am a person who took Spanish just because I had to. I think it would be amazing to be bilingual and wish I was but unfortunately I was no good at Spanish. I feel like the two years should be necessary in high school but not college. I feel like being bilingual would be very beneficial to your education and to help you further in life. It…[Read more]

  • Deepu,
    I really appreciated your argument and that you agree grades do not measure intelligence. The thing you brought up that a lot of people do not is the anxiety associated with education. We are pressured so much there is not wonder that so many people have test anxiety.

  • Brandon,
    I was intrigued reading your argument seeing I have a different stance on it than you. I appreciate everything you said and you brought up something I have not read in this common argument, that football is not supposed to divide us but bring us together in a form of entertainment. I do agree with this but not with the fact that because…[Read more]

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    This essay was very compelling and convincing. I had no idea about the act you spoke about or about the swift movement through the houses. Not only was the subject interesting, your writing was great. The use of diction in the piece was very good and really helped emphasize the importance of what you were trying to convey. I agree with…[Read more]

  • The exploding media on sexual assault has created a spark in conversation on the topic. Hollywood may be the main focus at this point but a burning issue today is the sexual violence on college campuses. Betsy

  • Porpoise, my younger sister’s pet rat was small and frankly gross but somehow made life very interesting. This time in our life was hard, our family was going through an economic drought not to mention my sister

    • Emma,
      This is an amazing story. I am so glad that you and your sister were able to find that connection. I know it can be hard because I have a sister who is much older than me and it was very difficult for us to connect as both family and friends. I like that your relationship only continued to grow and I think that porpoise is one of the best names I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing this story. I hope to read some more from you because this story was so simple, but still heart warming and real. Have a great day!

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