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    California Poised to Overtake Germany as World’s No. 4 Economy

    In the article, “California Poised to Overtake Germany as World’s No. 4 Economy” (Bloomberg, Winkler, 2022) I learned that California’s economy is constantly growing, competing with other countries while only being a state. California outperforms the US and the...

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    USC Sophomore, Caleb Williams, Wins Heisman Trophy

    Caleb Williams is a football player for the University of Southern California football organization. He won the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night as a sophomore star quarterback. He originally played his freshman year with the University of Oklahoma, beside...

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  • Dear Juan,  

    I am glad you brought up the topic of exercising in your post, “Keep it pushing,” because I feel like exercising has become a new common hobby in a lot of people’s daily lives. Examples of exercising include running, weight lifting, and sports. Exercise has also helped the human body gain strength, muscle mass, and burn exces…Read More

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    Canelo Explodes at Lionel Messi After Mexico vs. Argentina Game

    In the article, “Canelo Alvarez explodes against Lionel Messi and sends a real threat to the Argentinian” (elfutbolero, Hector Garcia, 2022) I learned that a famous soccer player for Argentina has sparked anger throughout the Mexican communities. A video...

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    • Dear Emmanuel,

      I am interested by your post “Canelo Explodes at Lionel Messi After Mexico vs. Argentina Game” because it all started with a simple misunderstanding of a Mexican jersey being on the floor after their conqueror against Mexico. Clearly if you haven’t seen the video and only the pictures it proves he was taking off his shoes and not doing the most like wiping the floor as Mexican Fans out anger.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Do you think what Lionel Messi did was reasonable or is Canelo Alvarez overreacting?” I think this is over portrayed because Canelo went off on Messi as from what the picture made it seem as. That clearly haven’t seen the video Messi is seen not bothered by it or even smothered it on the floor if you would have seen the video it was clear just their near him were he was taking off his cleats.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because as one of these topics becomes viral overnight they spiral around the internet but I’m Impressed you caught this article. I like topics that go viral on the internet you should keep it up.


    • Dear Emmanuel,
      I am intrigued by your post, Canelo Explodes at Lionel Messi After Mexico vs. Argentina Game” because the world cup is a serious event that also leads to people killing each other for a game. Even though it was done unintentionally or intentionally the video shows otherwise and that is a huge disrespect, so I could see why Canelo said what he said. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “However, there should be no reason to be doing these kinds of disrespectful actions” I think this reasoning is right because we should all respect one another and especially if we hold a high standard. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because it’s actually interesting and eye-catching
      Oscar Gutierrez

  • Emmanuel commented on the post, Cash or Card?

    Dear Christian:

    In my opinion, I think we should move into a cashless society. Reason being is because carrying around cash everywhere we go is an ancient practice. With debit/credit cards, money can easily be used by a click of a button, scan, or swipe. Essentially, money will be stored in a bank account, and instead of taking out cash to buy…Read More

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