• Every culture has a past, it doesn’t matter how proud or disappointed the individual is about it. The only thing that truly matters is the future, for what you accomplish is what defines you as a person. E

  • Charles,
    I have read a couple of articles that focus on this topic. And I agree with your view point. I believe that people are rushing to judge the NFL players, when in fact it has nothing to do with disrespect toward the soldiers. The NFL players have the right to protest for what they believe in, President Trump should not be tweeting saying…[Read more]

  • Rebecca,
    I agree with you when you said, “people strive for independence, freedom, or even equality”. Independence, freedom, and equality is what the United States is supposed to represent. I also found that by incorporating well known documents/speeches really did an impact. Because everyone knows these documents they are able to connect to…[Read more]

  • America is known as the symbol of freedom across the world. A country where citizens are able to make their dreams come true. In order to be a true American one must strive to do their best, be willing to stand up

    • I Am Interested in this topic because you’re right that all Americans are here to work hard for something they want. One Thing You Said that stands out for me is when you Said , “In order to be a true American one must strive to do their best , Be willing to stand up for their beliefs, and willing to look towards their future .” I think this is so true because if You don’t work for something you can accomplish anything .

  • Adam, your post was quite interesting. I would have never thought to connect branches like the CIA, NFA, IRS, and AFT to some of the major issues made in the past and some that are still being made. Personally, I believe having restrictions on firearms is a good thing. I believe such a thing because we are not in constant war, the main reason why…[Read more]

  • Charlie,
    Your post was a great, and I loved how you included interesting facts like, “By the end of the century, it is estimated that one in six species will be extinct”. This fact really appealed to me and hence surprised me. Today, we try our best to protect those species that are endangered by placing them under supervision, or by fining…[Read more]

  • Sam, this was an important and interesting topic to talk about. I liked it when you said, “Even though many people want to stop this division between American Citizens, I don’t think people realize that they have the power to change and do something about this problem, or maybe they don’t know what they can do to help”. I liked this sentence bec…[Read more]

  • Many Americans have their own creeds, for everyone has their own beliefs. American creeds involve ideas of unity, freedom, striving to do your best, opportunities, and loyalty. All of these aspects of creeds come

  • Chidiogo,

    I agree, many children are getting their hands technology when they are too young. This promotes children to stay indoors and stare at a screen all day. I am a student in high school and so my parents always tell me how they didn’t have technology when they were kids like we do now. An example could be me getting a phone when I was in…[Read more]

  • Dear Rosalinda,
    I am disturbed and torn by your post, “My opinion on Charlottesville” because I feel as though today, in 2017 people should treat each other equally no matter the race/color. People should start fixing these problems for our future generations, like you said. But I feel as though, people won’t recognise these problems until we st…[Read more]

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