• Although this happened in January, I didn’t hear about it until recently and you may have not either. Utah officially became the 19th state in the US to ban conversion therapy for minors. Several other s

  • With spring approaching, many people are getting ready to take care of their gardens again but there’s something else we also need to take care of. Pollinators such as bees, moths, and bats can benefit from our a

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      I am interested about your post because I have a lot of pollinators in my neighborhood. One sentence that stands out me is “You want to have a variety of flowering plants that bloom throughout the growing season. This will provide a regular and diverse source of nectar and nutrients for pollinators. Native plants are the best to use because they evolved alongside our native pollinators — they were made for each other.” This stands out to me because I didn’t ever think about how the native plants grow along side the pollinators .

  • While there are some cases of endangered species recovering from near extinction, studies have shown that living in zoos can negatively affect the animal’s mental and physical health. Zoos can help scientists a

  • Should there be national service requirements? National service is required volunteering or can also be defined as “compulsory or voluntary government service.” In this post I will be referring to the required

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    Hi Cassie,
    I found it interesting that retrieval time is more effective not directly after learning something. How long should you wait for a more effective retrieval time?
    I found a website that has some other pros and cons as well. https://www.procon.org/headline.php?headlineID=005411
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    Emily Storie

  • Do bans against plastic bags and plastic waste actually work? Many places have already begun  plastic bag bans/ fees with some of the largest cities being Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and

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