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    Many people look at consent as a verbal yes or no but there are other responses you should look for when doing something when you want others' consent. You always have to see if the person is comfortable with...

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  • Dear Isabella,

    i am very intrigued by your post explains children’s health when it comes to electronic devices. This can create many outbursts of mental issues as well as physical. Children need to interact and have experience to become socially aware. When handling children they should be taught to be social and to be aware of the things…Read More

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    dear fernando,

    I am very intrigued but the fact that most students do have a lot of stress. Bringing this problem towards an audience would surely fix it. I feel like there should be more talk about the health of students everywhere because they handle so much stress but don’t know how to release it. Students get all the help they need for t…Read More

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    Climate change

    Many known scientists have come forward in order to let the public know that government officials or higher-ups have been covering up the fact that big companies are destroying the earth. This is caused by them using up a...

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  • Dear Emmanuel,

    I am glad you bring awareness to this issue by sharing information about what is currently happening in Ukraine ! Many people have been struggling for the past months. The United States and other nations had to sacrifice sources to economically stop Russia. Not only does this war affect Urkranianes but it also affects…Read More

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