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  • EmilyLUTE

Dear Regina: I am blown away by your proposed lesson plan because of the integration of what we have been learning this summer into one lesson! You have found an inspired way to bring the Habits of Mind into building a story in Scratch in a unique and engaging lesson. I...

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Letter to Colleagues View Comment
  • @EmilyLUTE
  • August 1, 2022

Dear Marlen: I am blown away by your plan for restorative circles because of how well you integrate the Habits of Mind into this opportunity for connection and community building among your students. I especially like that this plan is not only for one day, but it begins and ends...

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What You Thought You Knew View Comment
  • @EmilyLUTE
  • August 1, 2022

Hi, Jesse, Thank you for taking the time to respond (twice)! I wonder if many students nowadays have seen Men In Black... perhaps they think of it as classic cinema at this point. I think there may be some ways to fit in multimodal presentations or writing in a music class...

Dear Dr. Fayne: My heart was aching while reading your descriptive review, “Hiding Out in Kindergarten: Edwin,” because of how clearly you explained this student's withdrawal over the passage of time in the classroom. The observations you made of this student painted a clear picture, and I was rooting for his success in...

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Puzzle View Comment
  • @EmilyLUTE
  • July 24, 2022

Dear Marlen: I enjoyed reading your descriptive review "Puzzle" because you clearly captured the home life and preferences of this student. It is clear from your writing that you have observed Stacy and carefully considered her behaviors and how her family life influences her school experience. One part of your...

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Moist View Comment
  • @EmilyLUTE
  • July 9, 2022

Dear Drew, I greatly enjoyed reading your post, “Moist,” because of the personal family story you shared. I have heard many people express disgust at the word "moist," just like your aunt. I laughed at the way you and your cousin tormented your aunt that Thanksgiving - I think this is a...

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