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    Bilingualism: The Key to Worldly Communication

        As the world continuously becomes more interdependent, people are striving for a way to connect and learn from other cultures and languages. Proficiency in another language is a vital skill that gives one access to countless opportunities. It...

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    • Emily,
      I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I agree that awareness of other cultures and languages is very important in the world today and that bilingualism is the key. I especially like when you said, “The knowledge of multiple languages gives individuals the opportunity to make deeper connections with others and have the freedom to communicate with those who speak another language.” Personal connections are very important in today’s world especially with the strong presence of technology. I also like how you mentioned the numerous benefits of bilingualism including the preservation of culture and personal development.

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    Christmas Music and its Effect on Mental Health

    As the holiday season draws closer, the constant sound of the classic Christmas tunes fill the air and the debate about holiday music emerges once again. These classic songs are played on repeat just about anywhere you go. To...

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    • I think you make a valid point, but if Christmas stresses you out, you’re doing Christmas wrong. As if Christmas music incites a sort of festive PTSD. I may just not be open minded enough to understand that Christmas music can do anything but cause widespread yuletide cheer.

  • Dear Lydia,

    I really liked how you structured your blog post. You first began by discssuing the different stigmas that people have and then the importance of self-acceptance. You also used relevant evidence to support your argument and provided the reader with an engaging post. This post challenges the reader to examine the stigmas that people…Read More

  • Mary,
    I agree with your point that people often neglect the effects that social media and technology can have on our communication skills. You used strong evidence to support your argument and examples to help the reader understand. I also like that you identified a specific example of how technology has changed our vocabulary. The example of…Read More

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    Importance of Workplace Communication

        As our world continuously evolves, the manner in which we communicate and use different forms of language has developed too. There are numerous forms of language; however, the most common and effective form is verbal communication. As citizens...

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    • Dear Emily,
      I loved your response to the power of language. I agree that it is heavily needed in the workforce. I like how you said “Poor communication creates lower productivity and an overall lack of motivation …” If someone is not trained properly, then it leads to an array of issue that could have simply been solved with communication. I think you bring great points that support your ideas.

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