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  • EmilyK22
  • Lydia,
    I’m glad you wrote about this topic because it needs to be talked about. Things like ADHD do not need to be hidden. I think schools should try to be accommodating to the student instead of vise versa. Not to say that I am against medication if it is necessary or wanted, but it shouldn’t be expected. If schools and society were more…Read More

  • Sage,
    I agree with you that youth mental health is a problem that is just now being addressed. Students across the country are all going through something different mentally. Especially through loss of motivation because everyone is burned out. Now that it Is 2021, have you found any change for the better in youth mental health? Thank you for…Read More

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    Emily commented on the post, Being American

    I agree with the values that you talked about in your writing. I also used a personal example about my family in my writing, because they came over from Germany. How you say that anyone can be an American even if they aren’t born here is important. I think you should look into how the American dream is something that is difficult for many…Read More

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    Emily wrote a new post

    The Flaws of the American Dream

    The American Dream, having a great job and a perfect family in an admirable house with a white picket fence. This is a novelty item in the United States, something that everyone wants to have. A shiny golden token...

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    • Emily, I agree with you that for being ‘the land of opportunity’, America is anything but. There are many different restrictions that can obstruct individuals, espcially immigrants. Whether it’s socio-economic status, race, sex, or education, many people are impeded far more than others from reaching success no matter how hard they work. The closer we get to equality, the closer our country is to the idea of ‘The American Dream’.

    • Emily, I like how you discussed a lot of issues that are relevant in America, and will stay an issue unless our government makes changes to many systems. Poverty is a cycle. When people come to America because of the expected “American Dream,” they can fall into the poverty cycle. Many Americans who aren’t struggling in that way fail to see that many people who are impoverished do in fact work hard. When they are working jobs that don’t pay well, have children at schools that don’t get equal education, and aren’t given the same opportunities, it is hard to live the “American Dream.”

  • Dear Yamile,

    I think your argument is great, plastic straws are an issue and need to be talked about more. Since there are so many alternatives I think that getting rid of straws in most facilities would be beneficial. In cases like nursing homes, like you said they should not be banned. They should be much more limited then they are now.…Read More



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